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Simulation Theory Tour Live gig discussion — spoiler friendly


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Setlist leaked. Trying to decide if I want to look. Suppose I will.


Not thrilled with the choices, but it certainly looks long at least. Also curious what "Pray" is. But yeah, 21 full songs including the medley and not including interludes/jam/"Pray". Gotta be honest, I'd be pretty happy with this.

(Also this is Matthz, not sure how to access that account)

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Both Algo’s wouldn’t be weird imo. If they are gonna be opening with the alt. version that’s what I’d imagine they’d do, with the alt. verions being shortened and/or instrumental a la Unsustainable back in 2013. But then they played full Drones twice at every gig last tour soooo who knows.

That said, yeah, I also don’t believe that set at face value. We’re still well over an hour away and I don’t remember them ever writing stuff like ‘Close Encounters’ and ‘Guitar Noise’ on sets before, plus whatever that ‘Pray’ is.

Gonna try and stay up late but I am knackered so we’ll see if I make it

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5 minutes ago, OriginOfAbso said:

So far lines up with the "leaked" setlist

2 songs in tbf, one of which we were pretty confident would open and the other v likely to be early on

Edit: DS + Psycho hmm ok lmao

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