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  1. There are mainly two directions I would really like them to go in at the moment: 1) exploring the style of BITM a lot further and developping it into a sort of breakbeat/industrial rock/lo-fi hip hop/psychedelic/whatthefuckknows whole album, or most part of it at least; 2) a whole piano-rock album in which they could bring back their early Romantique and symphonic influences but with the twist of integrating them into extremely heavy (with Chris' hyperdistorted bass and Dom's steady beats, I mean), hallucinating-sounding disco/dance-like tracks with proggish touches, sort of like Blockades.
  2. Very touching and heartfelt song, but I feel it could've been something even greater if Matt decided to work on it a little longer. I'm so glad to hear that his "Romantique pianist" self never died, though, contrary to what many keep on blathering. EDIT: About that home-made lyric video... er... I find it a little creepy, sorry Matt. Good on him for trying, though. It's good to be back, guys. I missed this forum so much!😊 Yep, it may not be a groundbreaking masterpiece, but after one year and a half I can positively say that, from my point of view, ST displays many encouraging signs about Matt's and the guys' inspiration. I know there are TC (which I'm falling a bit out of love with) and GUAF in it, but meh, with a "Side-A" run like Algorithm-SH, plus Blockades, The Void and the AR versions, I just can't complain. It always brings a smile to my face any time I listen to it and in some parts even makes me feel the... "spark (?)" I felt the first times I listened to Muse. But it might be just me, I don't know.
  3. That's the controversial thing: Matt says he now aims to choose past songs which can elicit a great reaction from the crowds other than being personally close to him. We know these choices are also mainly based in how popular those particular songs are and, well, to be honest, UD doesn't exactly register to me as "popular" or particularly crowd-rousing like Resistance or Madness. I can see how its musical style manages to fit in this tour era, but other than that, if I take into account what I wrote up here, I can't come up with plausible explanations about its comeback.
  4. This baffles me, too. I just don't understand how they can pick UD out of all of the great tracks they could rock out on stage, even the most recent ones. Is it difficult that much for them to just integrate Blockades and The Void to the standard setlist in place of Mercy and UD itself, add in a Bliss/MOTP (which would both suite the current tour atmosphere) rotation slot instead of Pray, and let SH have its moment to shine? EDIT: I know that I may not be in the right thread, but an optimal setlist for this tour could go like this: 1. Algorithm AR 2. Pressure 3. Psycho 4. Break It To Me 5. Bliss/MOTP 6. Uprising 7. Propaganda 8. PIB/The Small Print 9. The Gallery (shortened) 10. SMBH 11. The Dark Side 12. Blockades 13. Unsustainable 14. Thought Contagion 15. Interlude + Hysteria 16. Something Human 17. Dig Down 18. Houston Jam 19. TIRO 20. Madness 21. Starlight 22. STT Interstitial 2 23. Algorithm 24. Take a Bow 25. Metal Medley 26. KOC (without MWAH) 27. The Void (with an SFX outro of some sort to end the gig)
  5. I want to see them performing in colourful ponchos to homage the country, like when they performed the gig in Ischgl while wearing Christmas sweaters.
  6. Just listened to the leak. Uhhmm... I'm gonna tell you: I didn't find it as awesomely mindblowing as I thought it would be. Between the preview on Matt's IG and the ST Tour shortened version it's like you've basically heard it all. The only difference is the Valiryan female voice reciting a prayer during the instrumental passages. Still a very good track, though, and 1000x better then GUAF, lol (at least to me). EDIT: Oh, and that final falsetto gives me quite the shivers. Well effing done, Bells.
  7. Oh, yessss. Sounds wonderful. ST may have rekindled my faith in them at full strength, but after hearing this I'm starting to wonder if Matt shouldn't detach himself from Muse for a while and do his own thing musically speaking. I have a feeling it would do good both for him and the band, inspiration wise.
  8. Even though there still aren't any proper replies, I already want this thread to be awarded as Top Quality Topic of the Year. That Little Animal, you're a fucking genius. 👌👌
  9. There's this Spanish female disco duo from the Seventies called Baccara, and it stunned me how a good number of their songs have a lot of melodical passages and progressions that give away a strong Muse vibe. What's even more disconcerting to me, it's that in many instances the two singers seemingly sound like two female Matts (without the falsetto) singing in a peculiar Spanish/French accent. "Darling", for example, is a song that Muse could execute surprisingly well by tweaking it in their own style: the chorus, in particolar, seems to be written for them 40 years in advance! Try and listen to it on YT if you don't believe me.
  10. Cue me in at Milan gig in 2016 when he gave the first fuzz stab and I instinctively screamed "PLUG IN BABY!!!" like an idiot, lol.
  11. I'm looking forward to the day it will get released, so that I would be finally able to replace GUAF with it on my ST album playlist. I also hope the "live" version is just a shortened one, because it would be a real pity to have such a good composition clocking at just about two minutes.
  12. That's... quite sad, though. The show production they've come up with is indeed phenomenal and the setlist they're seemingly going to stick with is solid, but they could really use a consistent bunch of rotations to spice things up a bit. Knowing that they probably aren't going to give some variety to the setlist for the rest of this leg (or even the European one!) makes me feel a little bad for anyone who purchased tickets for more than one evening.
  13. I'm going to be skeptical until they won't actually rotate the songs.
  14. I'm not really sold on that, in fact. The transition between the riffs is very abrupt. But, well, it's always nice to hear more of the old material, even if it's just a snippet.
  15. So much this. The set is pretty balanced for being a "Greatest Hits" gig, and the production is... Wow, wow, WOW (I'm just able to say this, after seeing the first videos around the Web). When I heard Pray, I was half expecting that it would be followed by the AR version of TDS because of their similar style, mood and key. That would've been dope to say the least.
  16. Looks like the setlist might be fake, because the redditer who post the Imgur link has deleted the reply.
  17. You know, I wouldn't necessarily see that as a bad thing, to be honest. There's no need for them to make stratospheric numbers or cater to a specific kind of audience to be great. EDIT: That is, not more than they've already done, I mean.
  18. Finally, the Board is back! My favourite DV tracks may be The Dark Side AR, Algorithm AR, Propaganda AV and The Void AV. But I think UCLA Pressure and SH in acoustic also have their charm: the first one for being basically bonkers, the second one because it's so so nice to listen to.
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