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mmm pretty sure it will be either Temper Trap or Jet...although in 2007 they had some random band from NZ so you never know what they could pull out.

Oh and keep in mind that support acts rarely get announced until about a month out from the gigs so don't hold your breath or anything

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Acer Air Band




for those unaware, you've watch this band, they freaking rock! :awesome:


In order of preference:

1. Acer Air Band

2. Acer Air Band

3. Acer Air Band


But srsly I think it will be Jet :vomit:


Jet? What? FUCK.


No, bring on The Temper Trap and the Acer Air Band :yesey:


+1 to ALL OF THIS. Acer Air Band are SO badass. :awesome:


Jet can gtfo though. :noey:

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