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  1. Absolutely deserved after all these years! Congratulations
  2. Seriously. Why bother replying and getting the OP's hopes up with a possible answer to her question when all he can contribute is... '?'
  3. It should have the footage that Tom took of Muse riding past us all on bikes outside the arena onthe 14th at Melbourne.
  4. Haha hey! I'm trying! People need to reblog the message more lol


    And that is SUCH A BADASS NAME!

  5. Yeah it plays with VLC, MPC, all the ones that have supporting codecs.. It's basically a verrry wide angle of the stage, kind of ballooned up so you can see all the angles at once, flattened out? That's probably the worst way to explain it so here's a screenshot of what you see:
  6. Muse are the feature on Glastonbury tonight! ABC2 at 10:30 y'all! Citizen Erased better not be cut or else there will be some serious hell to pay.
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