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  1. really depends on the music / guitar style you're recording. my personal preference when double tracking is a fairly bright small diaphragm condenser and a large diaphragm condenser for some body both pointing to the same spot around the 12th-15th frets. An M5 and something like an NT1 would work well on a budget. Otherwise I've had good results just going with a small diaphragm pair in XY at around the same spot which the M5s should work pretty well for. This is a really good lil article to have a read / listen of in terms of acoustic micing http://blog.discmakers.com/2013/08/10-mic-placements-for-acoustic-guitar/ If you're keen on the M5s, I'd recommend checking out a pair of Teal CM-1s from 3u microphones: http://3uaudio.com/Show.asp?id=652 They're about the same price as the M5s ($210 USD for the pair last time I checked) but being large diaphragm I'd say they're a bit more versatile. In my experience they are the best sounding microphones in that price range - I've had great results with them on drum overheads and from the sound demos I've heard they sound great on acoustic guitar. They're designed and built by a guy in Sydney who used to engineer for Rode microphones. If you want to look into them and have a bit of a listen there's a huge thread on gearslutz where everyone is raving about them: Gearslutz Thread Sound Demos For the interface I don't think you can really go past the Focusrite Scarlett series
  2. James, your crackle glow tele - I'm not sure if you still have it but do you know / remember how many LEDs were in that guitar and where they were placed? I'm thinking of doing something similar on a guitar I'm building and was just wondering how the mansons crew went about doing it...
  3. so i was just looking on ebay to see if there were any cheap loop pedals and came across these brand new $50 TC electronic dittos: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/New-TC-Electronic-Ditto-Looper-Guitar-Loop-Effects-Pedal-/321763355869?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_15&hash=item4aea972cdd seems a bit too good to be true... no real way to check legitimacy though is there? are these possibly even likely to just be scratch and dent stock with cosmetic issues?
  4. to anyone with an x/y pad installed in their guitar, can you measure the outside dimensions of the actual surround? currently designing a guitar where the exact dimensions of the surround are important and the only dimensions provided on the amptone website are the route / screen dimensions but nothing for the surround..
  5. May I ask why PT is your go to DAW for traditional recording over the others? Like I said earlier in the thread, I mainly use Ableton but have just recently started using ProTools and I'm just wondering what advantages PT actually has over it...
  6. I've been an Ableton user for a few years now and while I first used it for electronic music I now use it all the time for your standard guitar, bass, drums rock/ acoustic music/ stuff in general that's not electronic and I love the workflow. The past year or so I've been trying to get into Protools (have to use it for university etc.) and while it has some cool features that Ableton doesn't, I find that Ableton's GUI is much easier to navigate around and it seems to do a lot of the simple things much better/ easier. For example; basic routing/ bussing/ grouping or even just inserting and using plug ins. That being said, I would probably like to make the change to Protools sometime in the near future once I properly get the hang of it...
  7. I thought they were played on the 3rd fret of the D A E strings?
  8. Was just about to say this. Not sure if it's something to do with the photo but there seems to still be marks on the body that make it look like the body hasn't really been sanded smooth after the CNC - e.g horizontal lines going across the body and the forearm contour.
  9. The exact video is on youtube and has been on youtube since 2007 EDIT: Dat clunge
  10. Couple of random questions. About to finish a glitterati replica and just wondering what to use in terms of glitter. Is there any specific colour or size of glitter that was used on the original or is it just your usual silver craft glitter? Also, on Matt's keytar, does anyone have any idea how the light up outline was achieved? I've looked at LED strip lights but they don't really give the same effect. Ultimately I'd like to have something where the light is provided by a single LED but I'm not really sure how to go about it. Any suggestions? EDIT: I've thought about having a thin piece of acrylic/ perspex with a couple of LEDs spaced around the inside of the guitar and then put a veneer on top to cover everything up. If i did go down this path, would the LEDs be bright enough to provide an even coverage around the edge of the guitar?
  11. Was only about 2 or 3 rows from the catwalk barrier on matt's side and didn't even realise matt wore a hat till i saw photos after the gig
  12. Also thought Fury for a split second, probably only because I was really hoping for fury to be played If I remember correctly, it actually sounded like he was about to start playing supermassive black hole, again...
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