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  1. Okay when you are finished you can burn a DVD of it. I use Nero. Or if you have a media player you can watch it on tv through that. Or just watch it on your computer. When it has finished downloading through uTorrent right click on it and open file and go from there. Hope that helps. I can go into greater depth if needed.
  2. There's also a Sydney audio on musebootlegs from the 9th show
  3. 2010-12-14 - Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne, VI, Australia - AMT DVD http://www.dimeadozen.org/torrents-details.php?id=336188 http://torrents.musebootlegs.com/download.php?id=614 I'm not sure. It's" A Silver Winged Angel Bootleg" "Filmed by Jose'"
  4. I downloaded mine off musebootlegs
  5. The Melbourne DvD is really good! Execellent work and thanks so much for recording the whole show and sharing it.
  6. I can watch this, but sorry don't know how to do the youtube thing. Dom talks about the new word he has discovered is 'Schoolies' Talks about spinal tap moments with the curtains on the towers not coming down. And meeting Jane Fonda and Rod Stewart in La. Playing in the background 'Neutron Star Collision'
  7. Hi Girls, These pic's from the second night in Brisbane when Matt's ears stopped working. Flashed his back at us and showed some skin...... ? too big......how do I do a spoiler?
  8. I didn't think he looked pissed off just his usual mischievious self when he threw it. Did think the riff's were shorter than usual after ss so maybe it was buggered. Couldn't hear any swearing as the crowd was to loud cheering on the guitar toss. I saw him in Brisbane storm off the stage after the third song , no swearing there and I thought he was going to rip someone's head off then.
  9. Both Sydney concerts were awesome! The crowd was fantastic around us and were really getting into it and didn't mind if we stood. The second night was slightly better for us as we had side view seats on Matt's side and were about 10m away from him when he was on his side podium. Setlist were fantastic, I agree New Born is getting slower?!?, I also think UD has had it's day and it is a real mood breaker, get it off the setlist! Compared to Brisbane where people were sitting with there arms crossed throughout the concert and you felt scared to stand, Sydney's crowd rocked and were so enthusiastic and i think the boys were feeding off the atmosphere. Great night's......onto Melbourne.
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