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    Newcastle, Australia
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    Drums, psychology, space.
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    Aside from Muse Phoenix, Rage Against the Machine, Mammal, Arctic Monkeys, Florence + the Machine, Franz Ferdinand, Vampire Weekend, The Strokes, Queen, The Killers, The Drums, British India, Gyroscope, Washington, Jaime T, Karnivool, Birda of Tokyo, Lily Allen, Kaiser Chiefs, LCD Soundsystem, Metric, Philidelphia Grand Jury, The Kooks, Queens of the Stone Age, Regina Spektor, The Soft Pack, Soko, The Temper Trap, Two Door Cinema Club, Weezer, The Wombats and I'm sure I forgot some :p
  • Favourite Films
    Transformers I, II and The Lion King, are definately my faves. Comedy + action films are my favourites
  • Favourite TV Shows
    Doctor Who & The Twilight Zone

    Also, documentaries and other stuff like Red Dwarf, Seinfeld, Futurama, and lots more.
  • Favourite Books
    Reading the illiad right now, very interesting, + 1984. Otherwise, all I've read is pretty much psychology related books/text books.
  • Muse Releases Owned
    - Showbiz
    - Origin of Symmetry
    - Hullabaloo
    - Absolution
    - Black Holes and Revelations
    - HAARP
    - The Resistance

    and all songs off:
    + Cave-EP
    + Dead Star/In Your World
    + Feeling Good/Hyper Music
    + Hysteria-EP
    + Muscle Museum-EP
    + New Born-EP
    + Plug In Baby-EP
    + Starlight-EP
    + Supermassive Black Hole Single
    + Time is Running Out Single
    + Unintended-EP
    + Uno-EP
  • Muse Concerts Attended / Attending
    - Big Day Out 23/1/2010
    - Acer Arena 9/12/2010

    Best year ever, or what!?
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  1. I hate these shows, but I don't think it was that bad, pretty well done....well, Joel was THAT bad
  2. Good luck(or as we say in German, viel gluck!) at work today xx

  3. Liked it? I loved it! :awesome:


    Well, a white day after Christmas...but close enough :p

  4. Awww, that's so lovely! :happy: I'm glad you liked it!


    A WHITE CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *jealous*

  5. I cried. seriously, i started crying happy tears. I brought it too my aunt's house and everyone's all jealous and stuff :awesome:


    Bahaha, I oved your letter! Guess what? Its snowing! So hard! And its like a foot deep :awesome: So I thought of you and your jealousy! And I loved your picture, btw xD



    Facebook is being weird and wont let me comment on things :indiff:


    You have Dommeh's signature now :D Did you like my letter? :awesome:



    LIZ. I GOT IT.


    This is like, the third time I've told you I got it, buuuutttt yeah I was really excited. :chuckle: Like, extremely excited.

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