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    Muse, Maroon 5, Karnivool and Birds of Tokyo are my favourites.

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    Friends, Doctor Who, The Chasers War On Everything, The Inbetweeners, Skins, The IT Crowd.
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    Origin Of Symmetry
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    Melbourne Big Day Out - January 26 2010
    Sydney Acer Arena - December 9+10 2010
    Melbourne Rod Laver Arena - December 14+15 2010
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  1. Al tomar el colateral como garantía, la institución prestamista buscan reducir su creditos rapidos con asnef online, y en el caso de que el consumidor no reembolsar su préstamo, el banco o la entidad financiera aproveche la financió buena y la reventa en el mercado para pagar sí de la pérdida relacionada con el saldo no pagado. Dado que el riesgo de pérdida es menor con garantías, el banco cobra una tasa de interés más baja.

  2. You're such a lucky gurl!!! I saw you on Asparay's video diary... grr...

  3. I love this interview despite how awkward it is, especially since Dylan Lewis is pretty weird as well And Matt saying how his favourite colour is red made me happy, especially since he complimented me on my dyed red hair later that day
  4. I loved Biffy Clyro when they opened for Muse here, although I was one of the only people, in my area and on the barrier at least, that was actually singing along and stuff. I know a lot of people didn't really enjoy them either, I guess they're just too unknown over here. For an Aussie tour I'd love to see Birds of Tokyo open.
  5. Showbiz: Showbiz OoS: Space Dementia Absolution: Ruled By Secrecy BHaR: Assassin GOB edit Hullabaloo: Map Of Your Head B-side: Dead Star or Fury
  6. Oh that's not the gig broadcast that's on then, that's the Muse at Glasto on tv Dunno when the gig will be aired, but yeah probably safe to record it just in case. Or I'm sure it'll be available on Muse Live or MuseBootlegs at some point. Ahah, banter? I don't know what you're talking about
  7. I think it's next Tuesday, 10pm on ABC2. It hasn't even been aired yet! I think they recorded the Sydney 10th gig, since there was a huge JJJ banner up in the Acer foyer, but it wasn't broadcast live. Probably be on LATW sometime soon. also LONG TIME NO SEE!/speak <3
  8. Yeah that's what I meant by in relation to Muse, didn't word it right. I'm thinking it'll be the label, something to do with the DVD release maybe? Who knows, either way it was annoying
  9. It seems that the no-filming thing was somehow in relation to Muse, as at both Acer and Rod Laver we were told not to film. But bootlegs are still allowed so...I'm not entirely sure what's up with that.
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