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They could perform "Love is forever" (drop the first title, that one is too complicated anyways) with Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber and in the end get a heap of slime dropped on their heads. Or is that the Nickelodeon awards where that happens?...



Maybe Matt will turn up wearing a Pyjama with red stripes. That has already happened.

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meh, Paramore will win.


First off, this probably won't happen, but it's nice to dream.


But I would absolutely love it if the next album was full of songs like Megalomania. Deep, dark, slightly disturbing :awesome:


"OMG!!!!! an ALL NEW album from teh Twilite bandd!!! OMG!!! I hope it features lyrics about love and hearts and unicorns falling in love with sparkly vampires!!!!111!one" :awesome:


*A song like Megalomania*








"Baww, I hate Muse, I wanna listen to Justin Bieber" :supersad:


*cowers in corner*


omg :LOL:

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then how did they get nominated for a Teen Choice Award...? ;)


Because Stephenie Meyer likes them, so she put them in their movie. Teens have now heard the soundtrack and like these songs they've put out.


That doesn't make their music appealing to just teens, a lot of you here like SMBH, IBTY and even NSC. You don't have to be teenagers either. Teens like it but so do older people.


This doesn't make sense anywhere but in my head. :noey:

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