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If Muse were to do a whole soundtrack for a film........


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I would love it if they did a soundtrack for a really powerful, epic and definitely tragic movie like Requiem for a dream... or...(ehm nothing else comes to mind) :-)


That's what I was thinking. If they were to do a soundtrack for my book (which is a tragedy too) it would look something like this.



Soldier's Poem

Collateral Damage


Citizen Erased (the outro)

Hyper Chondriac Music

Micro Cuts


Take a Bow


And maybe Matt would do some piano covers of Chopin and Beethoven.

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Equilibrium! That film is a bit like 1984, so it's a perfect match for Take a bow:)

Take a look at this:

I saw this vid about two years ago, and i was like "WOOOW!!" Perfect, just perfect:yesey:

Actually I cannot separate Take a bow from this film any more:p

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They should totally do the soundtrack for that film Cowboys And Aliens coming out in summer, the title is 100% Knights of cydonia and just read the storyline : http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0409847/ even the freaking town it's set in is called Absolution! :awesome:


I'm gonna see this just because it SHOULD have Muse as the soundtrack :p


I think Inception would have been a bit of a different movie if Muse did the soundtrack to that... but I mean more like getting them to score it, not use their songs in the film (not that that's not allowed or not wanted)

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