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    Pwoud Slovenian Muser ;))
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    Slovenia (here and there, I`m everywhere)
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    I love music, especially MUSE of course.;) I like to read, watch movies, going in to the cinema or theatre, spending time with my friends(long sensless chats :D), walking with my dog, playing with my cute kittens, cooking etc...
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    Student of History
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    MUSE (I bet you didn`t know that :) jk), The Killers, 30 STM, Linkin Park, Foo Fighters...
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    I like sci-fi movies, comedys, romances, action movies, fantasys... but I really don`t like horror movies.
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    NCIS, Mentalist, Desperate Housewives, Rizzoli&Isles, Spooks, The Tudors...
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    Hmmm, I like long books.My favourite teenage books were Harry Potter books.;)) I like criminals the most (Agatha Christie, Donna Leone...) but I can read almost everything( Jane Austen` s Pride and Prejudice, 1984 of course :) and other conspiracy themed books and yes I read Twilight too (don`t hate me for it :$) and some Slovenian autors....
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    Milano, San siro, 8.6.2010
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  1. oh, that thread again...
  2. Maybe because people (me included) like Muse just the way they are. I know they have to grow and develope their sound, just not too radically. If I want to listen to something entirely different I will listen to another band.
  3. I didn`s say that I don`t like Supremacy. It`s one of my favourite songs from this album actually. I only wrote what I want for album 7, so I was referring to the future song, not the past.
  4. oh my god I was always wondering if he knows what`s going on, or is he just so into playing his guitar that he don`t notice any thing... and btw it`s not a very private thing if you`re doing it on the stage in front of thousands of people
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