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  1. These videos have made me realise just how awful my singing was. Also, apologies to anyone near me I might have hit with my wildly flailing arms, I got pretty carried away during these songs. It was such a great gig though!
  2. Caved in and bought a ticket for this, really hoping to see either bliss or dead star. Getting pretty excited as the 2010 LCCC gig was insane; if the energy is at that level again it'll be amazing.
  3. Manchester's great, what are you going to study? I don't know when my exams are this year so I can't really buy any tickets yet but I do really want to go. Are you going to any?

  4. I'm actually going to Manchester would you believe it.. :p When you reach 40 you'll still be contemplating what you wanna do with your life I don't think anybody ever really knows. Oh I see, not seeing them on the UK stadium tour then?

  5. Ah thats awesome, where are you going? Yeah I'm great, trying to ignore the fact that i'm halfway through my degree and need to start thinking what to do with my life. Not decided yet whether to go to see Muse again or not so I'm just keeping up with the news to try and make my mind up

  6. Belated Happy Birthday, Christmas, Easter, May Day, and all the other holidays to you too. :awesome:

    Yeah all's going swell right now. Going to university believe it or not... :D Hope everythings good with you? What're you still doing on the boards? :p

  7. Still alive, yeah :) Belated merry Christmas and New Year and whatnot. How's everything going with you?

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