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  1. 1). Undisclosed Desires 2). MK Ultra 3). Exogenesis (the whole thing) 4). Uprising 5). Resistance 6). Guiding Light 7). I Belong To You 8). Unnatural Selection 9). United States of Eurasia i think UD, Mk ultra, Exogenesis, Uprising and Resistance are epic. Masterpieces. While Guiding Light and IBTY are .. okay. Matt's voice is the most amazing thing in the world so i enjoy them even though they're not my faves. But Unnatural Selection (sounds like Newborn and Green Day/Rage Against The Machjine mixed together = awful) and United States of Eurasia makes me laugh tbh
  2. My little brother has somewhat of an unhealthy obsession with Kings of Cydonia. He likes to annoy me with that song until i go CRAAAAZEY He puts it as an alarm clock song on my iphone, he plays it on his guitar hero blasting the song on full volume like 50 times a day (or more), he starts singing it at random places "no one's gonna take me aliiiiiiiiiiiiiive" in a horrible attempt to sound like matt His falsetto makes my ears bleed and cry. I've heard that damn song so many times i can't take it anymore. I won't let him listen to any more muse songs since he will probably try to ruin them for me. THIS HAS BEEN GOING FOR MONTHS AND MONTHS. I just wanna delete the song from his brain. Kid is clearly mad.
  3. since he's tweeting from his Iphone all the time my guess is that he just randomly saw that lucky um..bitchs "twit"! I don't know if it's just me but when i'm reading tweets on my iphone it's incredibly hard to scroll through them. and tiring. but with bellzz you never know..maybe he reads his tweets just as fast as he talks. or plays his guitar. or piano.
  4. Confession: I can't sleep without listening to muse first. I need to hear Matts voice. it creeps me out since i think i love their music too much for my own good but yeah that's the way it is. akwvard. well at least i'm not a stalker i'm just addicted to their muuuuuuuusic.
  5. So he deleted his Myspace just like the rest of the world to get Twitter. I actually think it really is him. Nothing surprises me anymore WOO! Waiting patiently for a tweet.
  6. matt bellamy is GOD but i hope this doesn't mean they will completely get rid of their old stuff. showbiz + OOS were the most amazing things ever. It scares me a bit though because you never know what's actually going on in the genius mind of his. hehe i hope the new songs won't be like "ooooooooooh kate hudsooon blahblahblah neutron star collisioooooooooon cheese cheese gimme some cheese oh babyyyyyyy you're a vampire with sparking skiiin you will always wiiiiiiin"
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