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    My interior life is rather drawn to the arts--visually, literary, musically. I spend countless hours in my room writing, playing music, and drawing. I could spend so much time just trying to find the right word or note and brush stroke to fit perfectly into whatever I was composing. And yet, if you looked at me, you would never know what laid underneath. My appearance is simply translated as: artless.
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    I draw, play the piano, and write. Anything in the 'arts'.
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    A lot. It'd be ridiculous for me to go through my iTunes and tell you all my favorite bands. Honestly, I have too many. It's a sickness.
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    A. Lot.
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    Doctor Who, Sherlock, Supernatural
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    Haarp, Resistance, Absolution, Black Holes and Revelations.
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    Dallas 17-3-10
    Oklahoma City 08-10-10
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  1. For those queuing, what time do y'all plan on getting to the venue?
  2. Both of your avatars make me very happy. Edit: Also, I personally love the entirety of TR, even though my favorite album is Absolution.
  3. So I just caught up on a large portion of this thread (Read: The entire thing). I'll be going to Lolla even if Muse isn't there. I'll probably book a hostel sometime during/after January as I don't necessarily have the funds atm, but will by then. Depending on my sister's job, we should be leaving on Wednesday and getting there Thursday. We'll be doing a roadtrip from Oklahoma - Yeah, Oklahoman Musers are rare, I know - and most likely meeting lalalive once we've made it to the city. Weee 12 hour drives. From what I've read, I'm assuming HI Hostel is a good bet? I've never really done this hotel/hostel thing before in complete honesty. I've been to a whopping 3 gigs in my life, and Muse makes up two thirds of that. I'll be staying most likely the entire festival, since it's my first one and I want the complete experience. I'm looking forward to meeting a bunch of y'all up there, and I agree with Naomi's post from a few pages back, we def need a massive group picture. ALSO, what the good hell are golden tickets? I've signed up for the Lolla email list but I'm not quite sure if I'll be emailed the info or alerted of them going on sale, so will anyone on here be keeping track of announcements for when they go on sale? Now, the question we're all asking, why the fuck do we have to wait so long for this awesomeness to commence?
  4. oh lol forever :LOL: Thank you!

  5. I just wanted to let you know that I love your avatar. :LOL:

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