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  1. Thanks again guys! Yup I am Carly Cooks from Twitter.
  2. Aw thanks guys, I am incredibly happy! The hip bruises on the barrier were well worth it now.
  3. Hi guise, Just to let you know I am selling two camping tickets on Musebay for face value (or under) if anybody needs tickets. Kthxbai.
  4. *waves* :D I'm not bad, just fairly annoyed and the bad weather here :( Hope your okies?

  5. OH YAY! Hello fellow Plymouthian :D how are you?

  6. :O A Fellow Plymouthain?! Hello there! :D

  7. Muse are brilliant for shaking things up. It's such a small thing but really makes their shows so much more interesting and interactive. (Although I am not going to lie I'd be a bit sad about the absence of SS)
  8. She didn't have red hair by any chance? My friend who really loves Jared ran off at one point under the spell of Jared and I didn't see her again until just before Eminem. She 'needed' to get as close to him as possible.
  9. It was fairly obvious that the poll results would not be taken into consideration considering some of the choices on there: Knights of Cydonia - a song that hasn't been missed off the set list since 2007 yet no Dead Star. It was a marketing tool for persuading new fans to come along and see Muse, not the older fans.
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