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Chris Wolstenholme: Love it or hate it?


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Either that or the audience have serious perception problems. More likely with a smaller audience, as occured here with me and numbnuts, whatever she's called. Muse heart or something.


I'm going to bed too, I'm bored of you all now. :)

bye bye, im gonna go too.......I'll leave you all with this......


grazed knees > marmite

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:D :D :D :D

You should start the thread.

There should a place for male fans to feel comfortable enough to express the appreciation for his greatness.


or, if they were more more secure in their manliness, they could come to the pct...i'm sure we would welcome some guyness ... :eyebrows:


really, going where the chicks hang out is a good way to meet chicks! :eek:




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WTF?? :mad: There is no or in it! Fucking love him! How can you compare him to marmite when he is a rock god from MUSE!!! Even "that" moustashe rules ok! [ATTACH][ATTACH][/ATTACH][/ATTACH]

When I saw this post I thought it said "ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK!!" at the end... and I was like "geez, this girl has a serious case of Wolstenholmitus......." :eek:


Then I hid under my desk for a few minutes :$

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