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    Gliese 581, 20.5 light years away, in the constellation of Libra
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    I play leccie guitar and I love gigging and getting new tatooes
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  1. I would say "Sorry, the only reason I listen to your music is because you look like Doctor Who".
  2. I got mine for Valentines Day when I was engaged They were selling it for £5 in Music Zone before they shut down.
  3. *shoots self in head* *tries to get another bullet in as her lifeless body falls*
  4. All the songs sound so similar, none really have an impact on me. I don't like all the negative, dirge-like slow songs.
  5. Yes. I dislike the whole album. I have never, ever listened to it in its entirity.
  6. Fury is the best, I can see how it wouldn't have fitted in with Asbo-lution, it would stick out like a sore thumb amongst all that crap.
  7. I can't travel for Muse, I don't have a passport. My family never went abroad, we could never afford it. Maybe in the new uni term, I will finally be able to afford one! Then I can join y'all on your crazy adventures!
  8. "I sought a liquid control *SWALLOWS* that gives life to us all" :LOL:
  9. Darkshines! Tattooed on mah back! Making my back feel sore! But its GOOOOD!
  10. I take it we aren't counting Hullabaloo? Showbiz- Fave: Uno, Least fave: Sunburn, heard it too many times live now. OOS- Fave: Darkshines, Least fave: Feeling Good, simply because its a cover. All songs are excellant though. ASBO-lution: Fave: Um. TOADA, Least fave: FAWY, it sounds like the theme tune to Gardener's World......Zzzzzzz...... BHAR- Fave: TAKE A BOW!, Least fave: Invincible, ....Zzzzzzz.......
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