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    i'm a girl, has no idea how to play poker or insert HTML code (seems to be the currency around here lol) and dances. yes. in her room lol.
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    reading, writing, chilling to music and eating ice cream.
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    full-time uni student
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    Franz Ferdinand
    Empire of the Sun
    Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars
    Green Day
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    waaay too many for this list lol.
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    Dr Who
    Mighty Boosh
    The Chaser
    Little Britain
    Black Adder
    Some Mothers Do Have 'Em
    Father Ted
    The Young Ones
    Bold and the Beautiful
    Gossip Girl
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    The classics
    anything by James Patterson
    anything by Jodi Piccoult
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    Newton Abbot Demo
    Origin of Symmetry
    Hullabaloo (DVD)
    Absolution (DVD)
    Black Holes and Revelations
    The Resistance (CD + DVD)
    plus a few extra b-sides...
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    5 December 2010
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  2. Happy new -quite late- year Erica! :happy:

  3. I had such an amazing time last night! I thought it was a good setlist...wish there would have been something from Showbiz or another song from OoS but it was still awesome The only thing that I didn't like was that in the seating, absolutely no one got up in my row/section during the show. Most people just sat there like robots, staring at the stage. My friend and I were grooving around in our seats, so sorry to the girl sitting next to me. You must have been annoyed at me. I was an ass and stood up as soon as Uprising started...and quickly sat back down again when I could see the move was not being copied anywhere else It felt like it was over way too soon but that's probably because I was enjoying myself so much :D
  4. Hello all. Good luck to all the people lining up this morning, I hope you don't get rained on.  I can't wait for tonight to finally arrive, so I can get my very first pat down and then rock out to Muse  With regards to shirts, I'm wearing this brilliant Resistance t-shirt that my mum bought for me at the Ekka. Cost heaps and this is the first time I'm going to be wearing it
  5. I wanted to see you chuck the shirt onstage, ninja (I've forgotten your name already ) but I'm still super excited to be going tomorrow night I might come on here Monday morning and say something about the gig From nearly 200 days to just less than 24 hours...
  6. THANK-YOU I didn't realise there was one like that, I was thinking of that old one with the yellow and blue all over it. That's even better. Just wanted to see where my door is compared to the section I'm sitting in
  7. Hey Erica :happy:

    I hope you have a blast at your gig. I know you will :awesome:

    Make sure you hug Matt if you get the chance ;)

    Hope you're well,

    Sarah *hugs*

  8. Thanks for answering that for me! Oh okay, I must have read that wrong on the website then. Yeah I have an okay camera on my phone so I'm not sure whether I'll just settle for that or take my little digital one as well...
  9. I'm going on holidays tomorrow for a week, so I have a few questions I wanted to ask in advance. (I know that these might seem like silly questions but I just want to get my facts straight ) a) Are we allowed to take in a bag if we're in seating? b) If we are allowed to take bags, will they be searched? What are acceptable items to have on your person? (according to their website, no cameras are allowed but I wasn't planning on taking one anyway) c) Is it okay to take your mobile phone (even though it might have a camera built in) if you put in your pocket? d) Has it been established yet what act is commencing at 8 pm? Is it definitely Muse? (I need to plan when my friend and I should get there...like we're not going to turn up hours early if DLC is the act beginning at 8pm...)
  10. Look like I'm not visiting this thread after the 5th of December because I don't want to know what Monday nighters got for their setlist. If they got Sunburn and Sunday nighters didn't, I really don't want to know Actually if the Monday nighters got awesome rarities at all, like stuff from Showbiz and OoS, and we get stuff like NSC, I really really really don't want to know
  11. Glad to know someone is having the same train of thought... Oh yeah that would be awesome to see Oh ffs, I remember when they used to that with Uprising too But then, this comes from a show which hasn't realised that Muse were around before 2006.
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