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    i'm a girl, has no idea how to play poker or insert HTML code (seems to be the currency around here lol) and dances. yes. in her room lol.
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    reading, writing, chilling to music and eating ice cream.
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    full-time uni student
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    Franz Ferdinand
    Empire of the Sun
    Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars
    Green Day
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    waaay too many for this list lol.
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    Dr Who
    Mighty Boosh
    The Chaser
    Little Britain
    Black Adder
    Some Mothers Do Have 'Em
    Father Ted
    The Young Ones
    Bold and the Beautiful
    Gossip Girl
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    The classics
    anything by James Patterson
    anything by Jodi Piccoult
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    Newton Abbot Demo
    Origin of Symmetry
    Hullabaloo (DVD)
    Absolution (DVD)
    Black Holes and Revelations
    The Resistance (CD + DVD)
    plus a few extra b-sides...
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    5 December 2010
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  2. Happy new -quite late- year Erica! :happy:

  3. Hey Erica :happy:

    I hope you have a blast at your gig. I know you will :awesome:

    Make sure you hug Matt if you get the chance ;)

    Hope you're well,

    Sarah *hugs*

  4. wow, you're lucky!!

    yeah, i've been to concerts before where the shirts cost around that much... i'm used to it lol :D


    yeah i would order one, but i don't have a debit card, my mum does but like i said, she hates muse so she wouldn't buy it for me even if i payed her for it...


    haha i'm going on the siiiiixth... I'm standing, i was a bit angry when i found out that i was going to be at the second barrier, but apparently thats been taken out now so i still have a chance at getting the front barrier!!


    goshhhhh i'm so excited!!

  5. Aw noes :(

    Well I now have 3 Muse shirts :$ That's because in 2007, when they came to Brissie, I gave my homeroom teacher money so she could buy me a shirt when she went.

    And then my best friend (who knew that I'd given money to this teacher) bought me another one for Xmas.

    So I'd decided which one to wear for the gig and then my mum buys me one that she thinks is "more current". I agree :D

    So much money for them all though :(


    I'd say order one over the net from NME's site, because that's what I did for a Franz Ferdinand one. I was a bit sceptical as it wasn't an Australian company that was taking care of everything, but it all turned out well :happy:

    You still have plenty of time to get one!


    Also, bear in mind that the merch they are selling there will be ridiculously overpriced.

    The Starlight shirt that my teacher got me back in 2007 was $45 (I'd naiively given her $50 thinking I'd get lots of change back). So 3 years on, who knows how much it will cost :erm:


    I know, I remember sitting there on presale day, with my ticket order printout going "waaaah six months to wait :'(" and now it's so much closer!

    I've got a bit more uni, then some exams, then a holiday and then THE CONCERT!!


    Oh wait, I keep forgetting you're not going to the 5th!

    Are you sitting or standing?

  6. nooo i haven't got anything muse-related to wear, i tried making a muse tee but it turned out really bad, and my mum hates muse so she definitely won't be buying me anything haha... ahh well, i'll just have to see what i can get on the day.

    woah, that soon!? gosh, all i have to get through is the gruelling last term of school and then BAM!!! muse time =D

  7. Yes :D

    I'm getting really excited now, soon it will be only 2 months until we see them :awesome: My mum bought me a grey Resistance tee when she was at the Ekka, I was well pleased :D have you got a special shirt you plan on wearing?

  8. haha you're welcome!

    you're going to the 5th in Brisbane aren't you?

  9. woot thanks for the friendship request! :D

  10. Ooooooooo you have me intrigued, give me a play-by-play :awesome: All those adjectives you just used would totally not be used by me to describe my time in court :LOL:


    :LOL: that's why I want them on Hey Hey, to see if they'll be asked to mime or whatever. they better do something that'll impress the crowd AND thrill us, the true fans :yesey:


    :D So more Thom means faster-moving time and therefore closer to Muse? So Thom Yorke always leads you closer to seeing Muse? :LOL:


    Yeah I know, but I wish...I wish I could have enjoyed THAT era of Muse more. Now I miss it.

    :LOL: That'd be a very long gig. I'd sit through it all though :D

  11. Ha ha ha no this was more on the ettiquette of court reporting and what needs to appear in a court story. The only lawish bit in the lecture was the stern warning we got about not being in contempt of court when we take notes and write up the story. And what I saw in court was interesting and daunting and harrowing :eek:


    :chuckle: Matt on drums will forever be one of the things that can make me laugh no matter what :p


    Ah cool... I can't believe it's already midway August. A Thom-themed couple of months sounds like an awesome way to see the year fly by :)


    Ah yeah but back in 2007 the gig was at the Riverstage... not so cool as what we get to see in a couple of months ;) Maybe they should play everything in a chronological order :chuckle: Imagine that :LOL:

  12. How on earth anything to do with the law could be interesting, I guess I will never know :LOL: I hope whatever you get to see in court is ten times more interesting than what I saw, and you can understand wtf is going on :chuckle:


    Muse miming is only funny when stuff happens that you weren't expecting :p Rolls, stockings, swapping places, eating mikes, waving of arms...all elements of a good mime :p


    awww you're so sweet :kiss:


    Thanks :D Decided the next couple of months will be Thom-themed, the only non-radiohead thing I have on here now is my undertitle...although that's easily fixed in a couple of weeks ;)


    :LOL: To them, I think it is. It makes them the band they used to be; Twilight and tapping into a mainstream market makes them the band they are now. As much as I hate to admit it, I think I preferred them in 2007 than in 2010. Should have seen them when we were 16 :(

    They don't "have" to, I sure hope it doesn't turn out that they put a showbiz song on their setlist and then ran out of time to play it. I hope they squish it somewhere in the middle, if they are going to play one.

    But at this rate, we'll be lucky to get 2 OoS songs.

  13. :p awwww well... the secret definition of lectures is "boredom" :p although today I did have an interesting lecture on court room reporting :rolleyes:


    Awww I thought the miming to SMBH was funny too... I dunno, guess I'm easily amused :D


    Ha ha yeah Muse were the first band I had ever wanted to see live. And in threeish months time I get to do that with my best friend... what could be better? :awesome:


    Speaking of Radiohead, nice avatar!


    :chuckle: You make it sound like Showbiz is some kind of contaminated thing :LOL: I'm sure they will play a song from Showbiz... they have to! :supersad:

  14. Well it's about the most exciting part of the lecture, I just haven't really enjoyed any of the vids during the term so far...hopefully that will change soon :D


    You know they've been on that footy show before, miming SMBH? :LOL: They didn't do anything then, everyone was in their right place but it was pretty dead :noey:


    You've been waiting longer than I have so I think you'll be happiest out of both :yesey:

    I will die if Radiohead even come out here. I guess that's the great thing about seeing AFP live: there's only really one definite set of material.

    As usual, just use recent setlists to make a wild guess.


    MM + Sunburn are the songs we secretly desire but unfortunately...they won't touch Showbiz :(

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