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  1. I actually laughed out loud on first listening to this, mainly because it has twiddly bits and a general tone of Fame by Bowie and the sort of singing best kept for the shower. God knows only Muse could make it a coherent song. Love it.
  2. I've not had a listen yet and just listened to Unsustainable, cause from the lyrics I guessed that would be the one with the brostep. Me loves bass.
  3. Ah, the confusion between the 'steps. It was much easier when it was just H and Lisa Scott Lee.
  4. Given my sporadic presence on here, Pope is one of the few names I'd likely remember. All the best.
  5. Well you're the one using the phrase 'pretentious cunts' as if they couldn't possibly dislike a Muse song. For people not on this board, it's one of the few ways they can let it be known they don't like the song.
  6. No I imagine it's because they have quite varied record collections and could easily post 100 songs that are way better than this tripe. And there's relatively few artists who have written better stuff than Muse in the last 10 years, prior to this abortion.
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