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Crazy times! I love how the album cover has an alien on it. :LOL:


Assassin was the song that got my 5 year addicted to Muse. We listened to it every morning on the way to school. :facepalm: It's a good thing she couldn't really decipher the lyrics. One day she asked me what Assassin was. I said it was someone's name. :ninja:

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I like Uprising, Assasin and IBTY. I'm consedering buying this, so when I have kids, they'll be Musers as soonas they're born. Mwa ha ha ha


maybe even before....:stunned:

some unborn babies apparantly react to the music their mother listen to whilst preggers.

play it some pure muse,rach and maybe some pink floyd whilst its in the womb.this album for about a year after they are born....

now, that would be a totaly awesome kid:LOL:



damn it!:stunned:

now i want a little tyke to play muse-lullabies too aswell :(

ill just have to give it a few years....;)

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This is the greatest thing ever. My 3 yo loves Muse, and wants to listen before bed, but he usually gets too wound up. PERFECT! I love Muse more each day....


And that version of Assassin is amazing.


For the people wanting to get their kids into Muse in the future: do the originals first! I don't remember my son even liking lullaby versions of anything until he was about 1 or so. But anything loud and fast-- put him right out.

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