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  1. thats odd... now,i havent read the full thread, but don't you guys remember this article from around the time the resistance was released? i know i saw it back then somewhere. but now its been slightly embellished, adding the info about the singles. or maybe that concerned different territories? this one is for the states and canada... also: this concerns Matthew Bellamy -the composer/songwriter, not Matthew Bellamy-the Muse guy. There would be two different contracts for that, i would imagine.atleast that would make sense. thats why theres no mention of Chris and Dom -as much as we love them. Matt,Dom and Chris = Muse,who as a band has a contract for 2 more studioalbums with Warner,according to an interview earlier this year. Matthew Bellamy = a songwriter/composer for people/things like A.Lambert,Muse and The International score, who has extended his contract with Warner at some point during the last year. I wonder if its hard to separate between the two for him sometimes.... surely there must be times that things would be really amazing for one part of him, but not as good for the other in the long run.
  2. I am pretty sure that the muse-crew will make some changes to the stage on friday morning/early afternoon. as tourcrews use to do on the actuall day of the concert plus,when I saw Rolling Stones there a few years ago, they had a smaler stage that were lifted over the crowd, and extended out on hydraulics (?) , and the band played a few of the songs there. so yeah, theres room for changes on that stage
  3. :LOL: anyway, im off need some sleep before my early morning see you guys around and hey: keep an eye open for twitter.com/frozenpoetry for the Bergen concert next month.... it will be my first muse show, so i might be bussy going mental and rocking out, but ill try to keep you updated at the same time
  4. they start to talk about Hove 14 minutes and 32 seconds in http://www.nrk.no/nett-tv/klipp/647912/ (kveldsnytt, 29.06.10) however, it could be smart to wait for a couple of minutes more, as the video doesent seem to be completely uploaded yet (picture is missing)
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