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  1. I won a chance today! The game didn't start working for about 20 minutes and I started clicking red Xs. I had 28 clicks that went down by one each time until I got to 15 and I won. I don't really understand how this all works, just figured I'd share in case it helps anyone else.
  2. Maybe I'm being naive, but I don't think it's going to be that big a problem. Florida is not a hardcore, gig-going state. I don't do a lot of arena shows, but every one I've looked at usually has floor tickets available for a long time. Lower bowl stuff will go a bit quick, but not usually GA.
  3. I'll be there, too! I still can't believe that after no Florida dates on TR tour, we get three now.
  4. Thanks, Tracy. Looking at my signature makes me ridiculously happy. On topic (sort of): I often pass by a bank called RBC that always makes me fondly remember this gig. Except for the obnoxious clusterfuck that security put us through with that holding room and relay race garbage, of course!
  5. I can't believe it's been a year already! 10/26/10 was such a fantastic day, and this thread was so much fun! to all the wonderful friends I made here, and everyone else reminiscing about the Raleigh gig.
  6. Missy411

    Lollapalooza 2011

    I'm at the hostel now. I just caught up on the thread, and I have to say, I was at Indy last night and I'm still psyched to see Muse again tomorrow. I don't care if it's the same setlist. (I've finally seen B&H! ) They were awesome last night, loads of energy, and I think they'll be great tomorrow as well. Best of luck to anyone who opts to go see Coldplay instead, though.
  7. Missy411

    Lollapalooza 2011

    This. Damnit, I wanted to see Coldplay! :'( And Sleigh Bells, The Vaccines, Crystal Castles and The Kills are playing on Friday, too. That makes barrier for Muse a really tough call.
  8. Missy411

    Lollapalooza 2011

    I really want to get barrier for Muse, but there are a few acts I really don't want to miss. I'm trying to prioritize a list of those who are deal-breakers for me doing barrier for Muse, but it's hard. So far, I'd rather they play Saturday, since that's got the least amount of bands I'm interested in, and that's the one day we know they're not playing. I also want to listen further to a few bands on the line-up that I like, but don't know very well, but I'm waiting until the schedule comes out. I don't want to create any more conflicts than I already have.
  9. That would be awesome, although incredibly doubtful. But maybe next tour. I'm not sure what October fest you're talking about, but I'm going to look it up now. We only have a couple of crappy fests down here that I know about. edit: Found it! Announced in January, called Orlando Calling ( The Clash), scheduled for November, with no information released since. I wonder if this will happen...but I hope so! We get skipped by so many good bands. /off topic
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