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i dont know if ill be able to get there. im free until 6pm on the 30th, and i dont think i can make it to the subway, then bullet train 4 hours, then locater and ride the free fuji bus, then exchange the wristband and then try to ask where the green stage is. muse start playing at 930 =/ too bad. maybe ill have to win the lottery to go to wembley =/

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I sort of mad


Well if there's any place that's going to rarities it's Japan...



Osaka : Bliss

Nagoya: Cave, Citizen Erased

Budokan: Can't take my eyes off you, Dead Star


I would not be surprised to see Fury/Dead Cuts makes an appearance but the setlist poll :LOL:


Fuji Rock Festival

1. Stockholm Syndrome

2. Bliss

3. Escape

4. Spiral Static

5. Falling Away With You


I can see whats being played...

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Hmm, it won't be Spiral Static, Bliss most probably but if they're in a really good mood maybe Escape, though I would never expect to hear Escape ever again, I don't know, I can see they throwing a curve ball like that at some point. :)

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darn it! i wanna go to fuji rock!

japan always has the best set list it seems :$

siiigh so depressed i can't go..:'(

hubster's in japan

so i told him to head to the festival and give me

a live report :dance: doubt he will tho :supersad:


everyone going..have a great time! :musesign:

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