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    Resistance tour in Philadelphia (3/2/10) and Baltimore (3/3/10). Future: Wembley Stadium 9/10/10 an 9/11/10 ... and hopefully another U.S. date
  1. Not sure if I can swing this or not. Will be no problem transportation-wise, but price-wise and work-wise I'm not feeling so optimistic. Would be awesome though ... hope we can find out a little more before the tickets go on sale, like the seating configuration and pricing. Have to admit, I'd much rather see an orchestra in that little pit than standing room.
  2. Triple C

    Lollapalooza 2011

    Shit. If Foos are Sunday, then Eminem has to be Saturday (he's in Kansas Friday), which means Coldplay will be Friday. Muse can't be Saturday because they're in Kansas. So it's Muse vs. Foos on Sunday or Muse vs. Coldplay on Friday. Since Muse has been rumored for Friday for a while, that makes me extremely nervous. That's just not fair.:'( Sorry if it's already been answered, but when will they actually announce days? Both Coldplay and Muse have posted on their sites that they'll announce their days when they know, but the Foo Fighters seem to already know.
  3. Triple C

    Lollapalooza 2011

    Coldplay and Muse?!?!?!?! That is absolutely perfect, so long as they don't conflict. That would crush my soul. I'd pick Muse, but I'd be wrecked inside knowing my other boys are playing on another stage across the park without me. Hopefully they'll go against Eminem or the Foos ... Coldplay and Muse would most likely not be scheduled together considering their fanbase overlap, but I'm still worried. If they play separate nights though, WOW. Two out of my "Big Four" at the same festival and I already have a pass?! :D:D
  4. Triple C

    Lollapalooza 2011

    I may be totally wrong about this, but it was my understanding Chris' football games are generally a blokes-only affair? At least I think they have been in the past. Maybe he'd change that though if you had some very skilled female players lined up. Count me as one to watch from the sidelines. I can run, but I can't corner and sure as hell can't kick a ball with any particular control.
  5. Obviously not that glad, if you're still lurking about their message board. As for the article, a few points: 1) It's Matt; the talk doesn't always transpose perfectly to what actually happens. 2) It's NME; what's written doesn't always transpose perfectly to actual facts. 3) He didn't say they're never playing any OoS songs again. He said it would be the last go for "some." Honestly if they pop out Screenager at Reading, I would automatically think "well this is the only time I'll ever hear this" regardless of what Matt said. If it weren't for this announcement, I'd have assumed something like Screenager or Megalomania would never get played again at all. It is a little sad to hear him talk of that era as a by-gone thing, especially since I missed my chances to see them live when they would have normally played those songs, but on the other hand, I'd rather have this chance than none. I highly doubt they will retire every song on OoS. My guess would be they'll retire the ones that are practically retired already.
  6. Triple C

    Lollapalooza 2011

    I'd probably need to be sedated. I doubt that though, since Coldplay is booked in Portugal the 6th and Spain the 7th ... they could do Reading/Leeds but that'd kill me, because I'd most likely have to miss them in favor of catching Muse at both. I don't really see an act coming in that would drop Muse to No. 4, either, although honestly I have little concept of what is and isn't big in popular music. Doesn't really matter to me, there's not very much I'd mind missing for Muse.
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