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  1. I love Reapers, Dead Inside and the Handler, but that album had some horrible horrible mixing. Even the movie concert had terrible audio EQ as well. Anyway, it could've been a loop of Guiding Lights.
  2. This does sound very much in the vein of OoS-Abso-BHAR, maybe playing Fury, Glorious, Easily and those other b-sides a year ago helped them come back to their senses! This is the best song from the new album so far, and yes, it's definitely better than 93% of Drones. I had been hoping for them to go back to something akin toT2L-TR, those albums sounded more genuine than the forced "hard rock" sound of Drones; I think it paid off. Btw, I've already listened TDS more times today than I have listened to Something Human in a month.
  3. I'm a long time Muser who is flying from Mexico to the R + L gigs, I'd love to go to this show. Anyone got a spare ticket? I'll be happy to pay full price and buy you a couple of beers and a t-shirt, please I am in absolute despair that I just read about this gig minutes ago. EDIT: I read that this is similar to Radiohead's gigs where you couldn't change the name in your order. My question is, if you bought 2 tickets, did Ticketmaster put both tickets under your name or did it ask you to write the name of your companion? I just want to now if I have a shot asking you guys in case your guests can't attend I'm against scalpers, to make it up I'll stand on my intention to buy you some beers and a t-shirt from the merch stand
  4. I really liked T2L, it was a fun album and I didn't mind the musical variety. The first time I heard Madness and Panic Station I said to myself that I wouldn't mind having Muse go down that road. After the forced "deep" lyrical content of Drones, I very much welcome this new song. Not since TR had Matt written okay lyrics that were not cringeworthy (some will disagree). As Muse struggled to get that heavy sound into Drones, I really like that they've gone back to what they were experimenting with a couple of years ago, since it is a fact that old Muse will never be back and their recent attempts have been subpar. I'd rather have them making a good pop song than unleashing a million drones. P.S. I find it funny how people are now loving Drones, just like they loved TR when T2L came out. When Album 10 The Hip Hop Hits arrives, people will be longing for the Dig Down era
  5. I think Muse read the boards on Thursday, I can tell you that Chris, Dom & Morgan played Prelude and Dom & Morgan played Isolated System. I can also confirm CE was amazing! I'd say it's JFK before Revolt. Starlight might be overplayed but it's still a good song. Revolt might be the worst Muse song ever
  6. I want this for tonight: JFK + Defector Drill Sergeant + Psycho Reapers Dead Inside Map of the Problematique/Dead Star (if only) Isolated System The Handler Muscle Museum/Uno Supermassive Black Hole Prelude + Starlight Citizen Erased Sunburn/Feeling Good/Apocalypse Please Munich Jam Madness Undisclosed Desires JFK + Revolt Time is Running Out Uprising The Globalist Drones Mercy + Confetti Knights of Cydonia
  7. I finally uploaded Revolt and The Globalist form the first night if you still want to watch them from the front rows' perspective. Expect lots of screaming, out of tune chanting and off beat clapping; it is the front row after all. I gave the videos funny names so Warner won't find them and take them down so fast. November 17th: Revolt [YT]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AsmXsMZLJU4[/YT] The Globalist [YT]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJdjN_eS4ek[/YT]
  8. I just wanted to tell you that the Palacio de los Deportes is infamous for its horrendous acoustics, so its possible that there was some feedback/reverb/echo/weird audio that either made it seem that Matt was miming or that encouraged the youtuber to use the better audio in the video he posted. The video being edited, as improbable as it seems, is probably true since the sound was plain AWFUL the first night, I went to both gigs and I can tell you that the second night saw a substantial improvement in the gig's sound. Speculating over these gigs will get you nowhere, you have to wait until Muse doesn't play in a venue with shitty sound
  9. Well, I finally got to upload Revolt from November 17th, here you go https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AsmXsMZLJU4&feature=youtu.be <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/AsmXsMZLJU4" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  10. It's gonna be uploaded here: https://youtu.be/AsmXsMZLJU4 It's taking forever, Mexico is renowed for its crappy internet. In about 5 hours it'll be up. The Globalist was gonna take like 10 hours so I gave up for today with that one.
  11. Given the number of dates some cities are having, maybe the 2nd night syndrome will become into the 4th-5th night syndrome. While I'm hoping for Map tonight, I guess we'll get Feeling Good, Resistance and 3 good repeats of Drones. MUSE: I WANT TO BELIEVE
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