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  1. I do, that's why I asked, duh. There are always the same questions about tours, setlist polls, come to my country, play the song I like, etc. In the past I asked something serious, but now I want to read a relaxed, silly answer.
  2. If you had to swap bodies with a female celebrity/artist for a day, with who would it be and why?
  3. Has this one been posted? I'm lost with all the italian reviews. If not, can someone translate the bits about The Handler and The Globalist? Thanks http://www.rockol.it/news-644029/muse-drones---recensione?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+rockol%2FfRwb+%28Rockol+Music+News%29&hootPostID=5b7508122d787c3ed8c413ba42fc31f4&refresh_ce
  4. This interview is in italian, can someone translate the relevant bits? (if there are any) http://www.spaziorock.it/intervista.php?&id=muse-matthew-bellamy-chris-wolstenholme-dominic-howard-2015
  5. He has interviewed them before but doubt he knows them. He is a mexican tv host on a music channel, but I find it weird that he is the only one I have read that has listened to the album, also, isn't it a bit early for that?
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