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    Muse fan since 2010, but completely and happily addict since february 2017 after a depression (Thanks to Muse :) )
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    Orléans, France (and in another universe with Matt Bellamy's voice)
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    Ours (Jimmy Gnecco)
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    The 8 CD albums + Hullabaloo CD
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    Stade de France, Paris, july 6th 2019

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  1. J 'espère que ce sera bon alors. En tout cas, il ne risque pas de se faire écraser, il est grand de taille. Je me demandais juste s' il y avait un âge légal pour les places debout, c'est tout. Merci pour ta réponse Leiriad 😊
  2. Petit coucou aux musers français Le jour J approche et l'amie avec qui je devais venir au concert ne pourra pas venir 😢 J'envisage de ramener mon fils du coup qui est aussi fan de Muse. Mais il n'a que 15 ans 1/2 et j'ai pris des places en pelouse. Est-ce possible ou non ? Je suis allée sur le site du Stade de France, mais je n'ai rien trouvé à ce sujet... Merci d'avance à toute personne qui saura me répondre 😊
  3. Actually my perfect setlist to Stade de France would be : -The all ST album (with Gospel Version for DD and Piano Version for The Void) -Unsustainable with Matt's voice -Some rare musics to let Matt breathe like Minimum or The Gallery -Instead of 10/15 minutes of medley, Showbiz + 2 songs never (for example Aftermath, Map or your head, FAWY, Exogenesis part 2...) or not often played
  4. I understand you, Muse lit up my synaesthesia as well. I can see, feel, smell and taste Matt's voice when he sings, a real ecstatic mix of senses. But I'm not an artist and I can't translate all I feel... I'm going to see your art 😊
  5. Her Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/p/Bx8bmb0CZGw/
  6. So Muse found the real origin of symmetry, great 😂
  7. "Why can't we see that when we bleed we bleed the same" Exactly my feeling about world's pains...
  8. Wow so many things 😁 -the end of Unnatural selection with guitar -musical crescendo of Showbiz and Con-science -a lot of Matt vocals notes in almost every songs -the piano parts ...
  9. Coucou ex Museaddict74 😁 Je n'avais qu'un seul pseudo pour les 3, juste les mots de passe étaient différents. J'ai juste eu mon mot de passe à resssetter et mon avatar à remettre. La tournée de Muse commence demain soir 😊 Impatiente d'être en juillet. J'ai vu un tout petit extrait d'une répet' de The Void sur le twitter de Muse France, j'ai tellement hâte de l'entendre en live celle-là.
  10. Same 😁 My daughter forced me to watch Twilight with her in 2010 and I loved this song and Matt's voice. Sometimes bad things bring good things 😁
  11. Worst is a bad word for me. I love every Muse album. The one I like the least is T2L, but there are songs I love in it : Suvival (I love this one so much), Supremacy, Madness (Yes I know a lot of musers don't like it, but I don't care 😁), Big freeze (Yes this one too 😁), Animals.
  12. Oos is my favorite. But I love every Muse albums.
  13. GUAF I don't like the female voice in this song I think it would be better without this voice...
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