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  1. Some of my ecstatic poems written listening Muse or Matt solo here on my Pinterest 😊 https://pin.it/4WEJU3t
  2. Exactly the same react for Take a bow 😁
  3. I love both albums personally, the original with its young era's touch, and the remixed one with its old recordings and changes which pleasantly bring out the vocals and drum. In the remix album, sound is clearer, that brings a live effect to the songs. As a lyric music and opera listener too, I really love so much the Micro cuts version with the harpsichord 🀩 I think Muse decided to remix OOS because they wanted to go back to the past for their future album and wanted to find their old tunes inspiration. Maybe the next album will be more raw with less effects as the OOS Remix and in OOS's style... And maybe Micro cuts with the harpsichord is a test to see the reactions of the fans with this instrument 😁 Sorry for my English...
  4. So this is probably an early version of Glorious with misunderstood lyrics. It's the end of mystery 😁
  5. I think you're right. "And satellites that compromise the truth" could be "In sad eyes, compromise too". This song comes from a 2004 live like Glorious, so probably an old version with a bit different lyrics that someone wrote wrong.
  6. I can't find this song anywhere as well and no Amazone too ☹️ It's a mystery...or just an old version of Glorious... We'll never know...
  7. So Jethro Tull and Muse each have an unknown song with same lyrics ??? I don't understand πŸ˜²πŸ€”πŸ™ƒπŸ€ͺ
  8. I found it in a French Muse forum (I forgot where oops πŸ˜”), in a Italian blog here https://www.uccidiungrissino.com/2004/11/14/muse-la-nuova-canzone/ and in a French songs website here : https://www.lacoccinelle.net/265879.html
  9. Almost every Muse songs πŸ˜‚
  10. Does someone know where I can find this Muse song please πŸ™ ? I never heard it and I don't know the title...only the lyrics : "Wheelchair, take him In sad eyes, compromise too You're gonna die, with the cuts and the bruises [or maybe : the cat’s seven horses] We're all, we're all corpses Fiend, drive through me Insert me Where I can sway through you... We're brought to school, we're ignorant We try to learn and in the end We're all appealing thee (ignore it)" Lie to me Silverware, with the cat's seven horses In your arm, in business-bra Aaaaaah Fiend, drive me ohh Insert me aaah Where I can sway through you... We’re brought to school, we’re ignorant We try to learn and in the end We’re all appealing thee, ignore it"
  11. SBH was the first Muse song I heard in 2009 or 2010. I loved music and Matt high vocals 😊
  12. Oh no, I love these ooh, uuh and aah. It's a basic particularity of Matt Bellamy's voice. I call them oohdulations, eh-retonchants and ah-retonchants (invented words 😁) and they drive me crazy 😡πŸ€ͺ I can't imagine this live without oohs ( https://youtu.be/mo-1hqzMBHg ) and this one without eeh and aah ( https://youtu.be/gsVKqab0ju4 ) πŸ˜”
  13. After seeing that I'm waiting for a Matt Bellamy 's instagram live 😁 https://youtu.be/FGGHPDKlKSw
  14. A picture inspired by my crazy writings and Matt Bellamy 's voice 😊
  15. Shrinking universe Hyper chondriac music Shine Map of your head Piano thing (I love when Matt plays piano 😊)
  16. T2L 1)Survival 2)Explorers + Big freeze 3)Supremacy DRONES 1)Drones 2)The handler + The globalist 3)Dead inside ST 1)The void (especially the acoustic version) 2)The dark side 3)Blockades
  17. ABSOLUTION 1)Ruled by secrecy 2)Sing for absolution + Blackout 3)Butterflies and hurricanes + Fury BH&R 1)Hoodoo 2)City of delusion 3)I can't choose between Take a bow, Map of the problematique and Glorious THE RESISTANCE 1)Exogenesis part 1 2)Exogenesis part 3 3)Exogenesis part 2 + Unnatural selection
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