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I didnt like the guitar on it :( Drums were awesome though as usual from Adam :D


I think the guitar's a-ok... certainly better than I play it :LOL:


Adam's a fucking god. Even looks like Dom :awesome:


hodyou7ube, Adam, and FuryMuso in the same room. I think there would be so much awesomeness that the universe would implode.

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I didn't know Simno had that guitar, I'm still fapping over that Manson in the background.


i love the finish and shape


i'd get one like klawns though :ninja:




In the back, diz is :




...humm Simno is no longer on this forum?


This "bomberize chrome" (ChromeBoy huh) is very cool!







i always thought that picture was of musecasters' chrome bomber...guess i never paid enough attention to the bridge :$

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wait for it....



THE SILVERATI! :eek: (yes he actually calls it that)








wtf @ butchered yamaha pacificas



If you were to ask who is him, that is actually me(As seen by the username). I know you guys wont like the guitar. We wanted to do a guitar by scratch but the facilities here are not enough. I was inspired by Manson's guitars. Therefore, this guitar is the nearest shape. We could only find this guitar. Sorry if the video fails to you. Yeah, I know I suck.:(

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? the tone is spot on as well hes one of the best




And he gets that sustain cause the guitar is built by Fernandes (from what i can see) who build the Fernandes sustainer which, guess what? Provides sustain ;)


Id say hes the worst member of Virtual Muse bar the singer :LOL:

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