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  1. Reaper is free and is perfectly capable of the job.
  2. You will need a midi foot controller, something like the behringer fcb1010 and then to connect to pedals in a rack you will need something like the G Lab Midi Looper. This is all fairly straightforward. It might be worth reading a few articles on midi to understand channels and command changes.
  3. Do you plan on doing a schematic?
  4. That's a really great cover, if I didn't know it was a cover I'd find it hard to tell it was.
  5. Isn't the IC on the XY controller board socketed? If it is then it really wouldn't be much for them to do a new IC for the 5/DT, has anyone emailed them asking about it?
  6. I've never seen anything like that before, I can see the perks for production though. I'd expect it on a lower end instrument but for the money Gibson charge I'd expect more.
  7. That does look really good. I like the relic job also, it's just the right amount which is something you don't see much of these days.
  8. That's looking really good, how long until it's finished? What's are the complete specs also?
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