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  1. Whilst it does look nicely done, at the end of the day the finish looks no different to any other finish after all of the "hype" you have given it... and either way, no one can deny the shape is pretty off. Despite all of this, who gives a fuck, so long as it sounds like a beast and is nice to play, that's all that matters.
  2. Clip of your new manson simno sounds alright, what was it recorded through/with? was the phaser/flanger all the way through really necessary? Cos with the amout of effects you threw onto it, it's pretty hard to actually hear what the guitar sounds like... Still, if it sound as amazing as you are making it out to sound, I'm sure it does... Sounds very crisp through. As for being kaoss pad being a gimmick... FACT. Anyone that disagrees is a faggot in denial.
  3. Just mute the strings you aren't playing with any free fingers/thumb. Obviously there is a degree of accuracy in that you dont shred all 6 strings, But I dont find it that hard to stay within say, 1 string either way of the string im actually playing if im tremolo picking like that whilst muting the other strings. I think action plays a big role in it too though. If your action is too low then you will end up accidentally fretting unwanted notes etc. whereas if there is a little more tension in the strings or a slightly higher action then it's fairly easy.
  4. Matt's red glitter and the red MB1 look similar yeah, but most other signature guitars actually look exactly like the guitar they are meant to be. And Im not sure if they are really meant to be based off anything in specific really, as for a M1D1 being too expensive, African Mahogany is maybe £20 more per blank than Alder, so im not sure if anyone would really have been busting the bank if there was an option for mahogany.. As for the finish, yeah I can see the mirror and binding requiring a little more work, but given that they seem to be CNCd that isnt really an issue, and the back of the M1D1 was just clearcoat, which the MB1's already have...
  5. Fair enough I guess, I, and many other people, Personally wouldn't cash out over three grand for a shape, a name, and a little certificate...
  6. I don't want one, and I realise they dont want to sell thousands, not that I even said that... It is literally about the justification of the price, in which there is none.
  7. LOL Mansun Defendor 1) At least the signature models from fender/gibson/prs actually LOOK like the guitar they are meant to be... they ARE signature models... Neither of the MB1s are actual "replicas" of any of matt's mansons... 2) The complexity of wiring is bullshit... The sustainer comes on a circuit board and anyone that can wire up a basic pickup setup, can hook up the sustainer circuit, As for the XY Circuit, it has been proven on here that it isn't THAT hard to make a kit and people are selling them for a reasonable price. 3) The components aren't "fucking expensive", Most high quality pickups hit the £100 mark, the gotoh hardware is all around the same price as other high quality hardware you get on other top of the range guitars for half the price, IE. Schaller, Sperzil etc. 4) Okay the wood might be pretty good quality, but it's not mahogany, and decent lightly figured birdseye isn't hard to come by at all, I mean, look at Hooglebug's builds.. 5) I'll agree with this to an extent, okay so it is a VERY limited run of a signature guitar, so providing muse dont rapidly flop, which is highly possible as with all bands, they may go up in price, maybe in 20 years... But personally I'd rather buy a guitar knowing im going to keep it and enjoy it and not sell it on 10 years later for Pr0fit!!1 6) Bell's cut may easily be about £1000, which i find ridiculous.. But yeah, Great, you've had some customs from mansons, well done, But I don't see how ANYONE can give real justification into a guitar which must cost about £800 (If THAT given they will get bulk deals on parts), in parts, then a reasonable cut for labour would be about £700-800 probably, which, given that the bodies and necks most likely ARE C'nC'ed, is silly. So there is about £1500 of the whole guitar, which you pay for the NAME... and to go straight into Matt's Pocket... Now, Im sure they are fucking beautiful guitars to play and hear, I have no doubt in that, and they look fucking amazing. I have absolutely no beef about the quality, it's just the fact the price is so outrageous. £1000 less and Im sure they would be able to sell hundreds more...
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