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    ive only ever read harry potter
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    Sheffield 4TH November
  1. Awesome - I do want (but probably will never get )
  2. i seem to remember reading somewhere that Dom himself picks the support acts, but then that may have been for only one tour.
  3. I am arrows threw a bottle of water into the crowd at the end of their set, it smacked some guy on the head and carried on skimming through the crowd and my mate caught it, that bottle probably saved my life! i was so dehydrated during muse i nearly collapsed until i had some, was still best day of my life though!
  4. h.a.a.r.p is 75, and other times he uses 68/69 cant remember which.
  5. uprising and plug in baby to name a few
  6. maybe buy an Octaver of some sort
  7. The waterfronts a great venue, i saw Ash there, The poles in the middle of the crowd were a bit annoying though when it came to moshing. were you supporting anyone?
  8. after playing the harmonic just rock the treadle back and 'mess' with it slightly as your pulling it back, just listen to what matt's playing and try to replicate it with foot experimentation basically just play around with the harmonic note and the whammy until u get something that sounds similar
  9. i play a harmonic on the 10th fret of the lower d string combined with the whammy +1 octave and get a good sound, and i can do the whammy wankery that matt does then
  10. he basically says he'd like to strip the sound back a bit, for those who can't see the stream
  11. i wanted to learn this at one point and i couldn't find a tab, so i went and worked it out by ear, its quite fun learning this way, start on 3rd fret of g string with some bending (which is when matt starts to solo) and work the rest out by ear, there not particularly fast note changes so you should be able to work it out with some ease
  12. Thats probably the best cover of plug in baby i've ever heard, couldn't fault it. the vocals were awesome!
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