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  1. Is it normal for the MBK-2 to rock from side to side under light pressure? It doesn't feel loose but definitely has some give when pushed in on the long edges.
  2. Got tickets for myself, the girlfriend and a mate... £216 in total. The price hike since 2nd Law is a bit mental but I'm sure it'll be a good night!
  3. I've noticed a very small patch of "glossy" paint on the headstock right under the strings... not too bothered about it as I'm guessing it was something during the set up has rubbed against the paint. As long as it doesn't happen on the body ill be happy
  4. I reckon the matt finish (or any matt finish to be fair) will be suceptible to finger prints and the like if you don't wash your hands etc before use... Out of interest, how are folks cleaning there's? At the moment I'm just trying to keep dust off with a light wiping with a microfiber cloth
  5. Even then I would expect the silver finish to be just paint opposed to any aluminium effect stuff... Guitar delivered whilst I was at work, on the bus home now to go and admire
  6. Assumption was correct, balance e paid and expecting the email with tracking info to come throughon Monday! Very excited!
  7. Can only hope that my order from last night (received the email this morning to confirm) will still be subject to the "60 days" delivery estimate (allowing for upgrades etc obviously)
  8. Was aware of this when it was released... back then I was a busy final year student so it slipped off the radar. But now I have a full time job! So i put my order in an hour ago! Despite what lots have said on here; I went for the MBK2 pickup and coil tap upgrades alongside schaller strap locks and since I could do with a new strap I got the red deluxe strap. Very excited to say the least! Will be getting rid of my Ltd EC-1000 once the MBC arrived - It'll be nice to get rid of the EMG's and have a nice set of passives. Anyone know what the protocol will be should the guitar arrive with issues (i.e cracked gloss etc)?
  9. Preordered the deluxe version yesterday afternoon - received the confirmation email pretty quick but have yet to get a download link for Psycho which is a bit disappointing... Ill hold out hope just now. Its a shame the FAQ section doesnt work... Ive sent a query through the contact us page but cant say im expecting much from that.
  10. Bit of an odd question, didn't think it deserved it's own thread and couldn't see a thread that was more suited. I'm looking to clean my ESP EC-1000 to get rid of years of dirt, skin and grime. That shouldnt be hard with a bit of elbow grease and a good cleaner. The hard part will be removing the swirls, scratches and scuffs that have been instilled over the years. I was thinking of using my cars Autoglym Super Resin Polish, as it's not really abrasive be is mostly filler to reduce appearance of scratches opposed to correcting them. The guitar has a glossy black finish (ill be honest I don't know what kind of paint is on it) Do you think this will cause more damage than good? Unfortunately I don't have any old guitars to test on. If not, any "polishing" products you can recommend? Cheers
  11. Nearly time for the Christmass rush... Which means nearly time to out Christmas songs on the playlist... Favourite Christmas song has to be Oceansize's awesome twist on Walking in the Air so decided to cover... EDIT: Had to remix as the bass wasnt as strong as I'd have liked... Suppose I'll embed it this time. [soundcloud] [/soundcloud]
  12. On the topic if biffy... Going to get my guitar set up soon and am considering a change of string guage. Currently I think I've only ever used 10-46 as standard but considering I play a lot of biffy-sequence riffs that involve lots of hammering away at the bottom strings... Would perhaps a change to skinny top/heavy bottom (10-52) work well? I think I'd keep it in standard tuning and wouldn't want them to feel too tight?
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