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  1. Urgh yellow walls! URGH!

  2. No. I stare at form after form after form in tiny font and nowhere to write what you need to and blank yellow walls :p

  3. Relaxing. I played more piano than is probably healthy and read a bit and chatted with me housemates. First eventless weekend in ages!


    You don't stare at Excel ALL. DAY. LONG.

  4. I don't need no caffeine. Why do you?

    Hahaha fair play.


    Weekend was a lot more bareable than I thought it would be. Yours?

  5. I only drink hot drinks at work as they are a source of warmth and caffeine! If I drunk hot choc all day I'd look like sumo-wrestler, rather than the dapper white ninja I currently represent..


    How vas your veekend?

  6. I don't drink hot drinks. Except occationally hot chocolate haha.

    Earl Grey tastes bleugh too!!! :p No excuses.

  7. Most tea agreed, but Earl Grey is magnificent and if I drink coffee all day long I start to twitch :p

  8. Hahaha sorry lolz.

    Facebook scrabble? Deary me :p . . what's the facination with tea anyways? It tastes bleugh :p

  9. OI face, ignoring me, how am I supposed to properly skive at this rate?!

  10. The select few fun people have, the annoying miserable wankers are annoying and miserable as always. I'm also playing facebook scrabble and drinking earl grey. It's a rock and roll lunchtime in Leeds today!

  11. Lulz. Sounds fun! Has anyone at work noticed this?

  12. Yes I was going to drop you a txt for work related lamentation and remembered you'd got today and tues orrrff.


    It's just so damn furry and I cannot stop stroking it, so look like a massive (thoughtful/quizzical) perv...

  13. Day off today w00p.

    Oh dear, how come?

  14. fancy seeing you 'ere!


    My moustache is driving me mental!

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