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Matt Bellamy believes he's "too short" to named Sexiest Male at the 2009

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Why Matthew believes that?  

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  1. 1. Why Matthew believes that?

    • Because he has a teddy bear
    • Because he wants to be a model but he can t admit that
    • Because he uses high shoes at night
    • I don t know but he is sexy anyway!

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Muse's Matt Bellamy 'I'm too short to be Shockwaves NME Awards' Sexiest Male'


Muse's Matt Bellamy believes he's "too short" to named Sexiest Male at the 2009 Shockwaves NME Awards.


Speaking in an exclusive video interview below, the frontman initially thought it was a joke when he was told of his win.


"That's like a little joke, isn't it?" asked the singer. "I'm too short to be sexy - that's why I don't understand it!"


More seriously, the group also won Best Live Band, which was a shock to them.


"It was a real surprise," said Bellamy, "because we only did a few gigs last year."



Too short? xD Well.. he is perfect! woohoo the sexiest male ever xD


Congratulations Matthew James Bellamy!


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You have us to thank for voting constantly ;) because it's true!


He manages to have an enthralling theatricality on stage without being a pretentious git and thinking he's god's gift, he's intelligent, funny and immensely talented; all of these qualities including a "cute" face and unintimidating demeanour = sexiest man ever to walk the earth :D:rolleyes: /fangirl post.


Well done boys - almost a year of nothing, and you still beat them all :D just goes to show the true majesty of Muse, and that we really are die-hard fans, us Musers :D



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