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  1. Cada opción tiene sus ventajas. Una empresa con un excedente de flujo de efectivo prestamos inmediatos asnef debe negociar los términos de ventas con un alto descuento pronto pago, al igual que el 3% o 4%, en caso de que reducir los retrasos descuento por pronto pago de, digamos, 10 días a 5 días. Este método optimiza el uso de flujo de caja ya que terminan pagando los bienes y servicios a un precio inferior. Otra de las empresas que se buscaba financiación deben buscar los plazos de pago más largos, como entra 60 días o más. Y las empresas que poseen un alto saldo pendiente con su proveedor y la necesidad de reducirlo, pero no cuentan con los excedentes de caja, la opción de pagos iguales sería la mejor. Varios pagos iguales ayudarán a mantener un equilibrio más baja pendiente, y al mismo tiempo aprovechar las ventajas del comercio de crédito en.

  2. Looondon. I'm going to KCL.

  3. No way! Going anywhere near Bristol?

  4. I miss your presence! Come baaack. Also, guess who'll be on your side of the pond come August? :awesome:

  5. That's so awesome! :awesome: I'm hoping to do an astronomy paper next year (seeing there appears to be only one, and it's not even astrophysics...). I love stars 'n shit :happy: and it's all sorted now, only two and a half weeks until I start! :eek: scary stuff...


    I also love your knitted jumper on Facebook :happy:

  6. It's soooo good. Seriously, the people are amazing and I'm learning about stars 'n shit' which is always fun. How's your application process going?

  7. I miss your existence on the board :( how's uni going, dude?

  8. Oh yeah, sorry bout that. My mate changed it :chuckle:

  9. D: fuuuuu. Facebook lied to me. The board didn't help either :'(

  10. Saaaaaaaaaaaaam. Happy birthday. :D <3 :happy: hope you have a great day!

  11. Yeah :/ I'm kinda worried about the meeting people thing, but I have like no friends at my school now so it can't really get any worse *knocks on wood* Yeah... schoolwork is a pain.


    Yeah, and Cardiff too. I'm doing English Literature (at Cardiff I applied for English + Journalism tho). But yeah, haven't decided which one I'm gonna go to yet.

  12. hmm, salright. Uni is hard...not necessarily just the work, I mean meeting people as well.

    But the work also...

    So you got into Durham or something didn't you? :awesome: Which course are you doing again?

  13. Yes, but not in a long time. Yeah, I really like it. :)


    Lifes... alright, bit dull. Yours?

  14. MMMMATE, have you ever seen Lost in Translation? I know that was a random question but I just watched it...it's just one of those films you HAVE to tell people about. Crazily good, the best film I've seen ever...although that'll probably change by tomorrow morning.

    Anyway digressions aside, how's life?

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