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  1. No way! Going anywhere near Bristol?

  2. It's soooo good. Seriously, the people are amazing and I'm learning about stars 'n shit' which is always fun. How's your application process going?

  3. Oh yeah, sorry bout that. My mate changed it :chuckle:

  4. hmm, salright. Uni is hard...not necessarily just the work, I mean meeting people as well.

    But the work also...

    So you got into Durham or something didn't you? :awesome: Which course are you doing again?

  5. MMMMATE, have you ever seen Lost in Translation? I know that was a random question but I just watched it...it's just one of those films you HAVE to tell people about. Crazily good, the best film I've seen ever...although that'll probably change by tomorrow morning.

    Anyway digressions aside, how's life?

  6. Nah maths is boring, it's got no substance to it

  7. Where do we start? Rudimentary tensor mechanics?

  8. Got a job is it :D I work at a small cafe in a garden centre situated in an 18th century garden. What about you?

  9. Well it was more the money really. I do actually wish I could come see you lot :(

  10. Everything is going according to plan.

  11. Alright. Some of them were almost fun :erm:

    Bout you? OH WAIT

  12. But that's good! More places you go=life experience. Would you rather have stayed at home?

    Dayum. Okay well they all die in a freak cake decorating accident WOOPS SORRY

    What job are you getting? I'm right peached about this overdraft fee though, those motherlovers...

  13. Ah I see so you've somehow managed to have a stressful holiday :rolleyes::LOL:

    I know what will help: have some hot crossed buns and watch desperate housewives.

    I'm good, I think my money worries are finally over, at least for the summer. Got lots of paid-decorating to do :D

    Also, is that Uma Thurman in your avatar?

  14. It's because I get up at like 11:30 :( I'll talk to you now! How's it going? :D

  15. That's right, a bit ahead of your time love.

  16. I didn't know either. He's the husband of the narrator I think who had a ruff history. I think he was the foster dad of Zak or whatever he's called?

  17. hey who cares about the nightlife, there's a friggin pub ON A BOAT!!! ;)

  18. Yeah, it'd be nice to live there when I'm older but it probably isn't that great for a student.

  19. Key weight is VERY important when learning piano, especially for jazz and classical. Most electric pianos and keyboards under £800 don't have decent key weight. I'd recommend you get a cheap upright, I don't think a sub-£500 one is hard to come by. Make sure it can stay in tune though!
  20. That recurring doodle on the guitar and 1:43-1:50 sound a bit fishy to me. They're even both in G minor. No, maybe not a 'rip off' but it definitely sounds more similar than new born does to that other dude.
  21. Maybe Muse should pay back Ibrahim Ferrer for ripping of this song for screenager: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6X1QqIpMRyY Note: they may or may not have stolen this. All I'm saying is, with a song of their own sounding so similar to someone else's, they're hardly in a position to acuse other people.




    What animals did you see?


    My first exam is mechanics, in 5 days.

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