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  1. hey! If by some kind of miracle you come back to this place 😂 How are you? 

  2. I surely don’t miss the homework!

    I never really had the motivation to do all the reading I was supposed to when I couldn’t chose my classes. Working on a subject that actually interests me helps, but even now I sometimes find it hard to have enough discipline to sit and do my research. I still have a good year to finish my thesis so that’s good :p


    So, are you doing much beside working on you record? Or I imagine it must take pretty much all of your time :p

  3. How cool! I looked up your band, and it doesn't sound like anything I usually listen (in a really good way!) Maybe one day you'll come to Quebec and I'll see you playing live :p


    I think if I could, I would always stay in school. I've always loved learning and last year I finished a second cycle diploma in college teaching. I had the chance to teach a class this fall for my practicum and prepared 15 hours on the concept of imperialism in the western civilization. The best part was when I showed them a documentary about human zoos, something most (all) of them didn't even know existed.


    I think I really found my place and it's a good way to share my passion for history and make the young adults (even if we are almost the same age) think!

  4. Oh hi! :O


    I come here maybe once a year, but never actually look at anything except for threads about gigs in my city (when there's one). I don't know why I came today, but I'm happy to have news from you!


    I'm doing good, working on my master's degree in American history, and drinking a lot of coffee.

    What about you?

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