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    I like coffee
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    History, Space
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    Unemployed college history teacher recycling herself into a high school teacher
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    Muse, Billy Talent, The Beatles, Mike Shinoda, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Don Broco, Oasis, many more...
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    A lot, I love movies.
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    It's always sunny in Philadelphia
    Peaky Blinders
    American Horror Story
    Doctor Who
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    The Dead Poets Society, The Catcher in the Rye, The Alchemist, Veronika Decides to Die
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    Origin of Symmetry
    Black Holes and Revelations
    The Resistance
    2nd Law
    Live at Rome Olympic Stadium
    Simulation Theory
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    - October 21st, 2010 (Québec)
    - April 26th, 2013 (Québec)
    - January 23rd, 2016 (Québec)
    - July 16th, 2017 (Festival d'été de Québec)
    - March 31st, 2019 (Québec)

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  1. hey! If by some kind of miracle you come back to this place 😂 How are you? 

  2. I surely don’t miss the homework!

    I never really had the motivation to do all the reading I was supposed to when I couldn’t chose my classes. Working on a subject that actually interests me helps, but even now I sometimes find it hard to have enough discipline to sit and do my research. I still have a good year to finish my thesis so that’s good :p


    So, are you doing much beside working on you record? Or I imagine it must take pretty much all of your time :p

  3. That's really great. And I agree with you on the idea oof inviting critical thought. My American History teacher was the most demaning, brutal, and engaging teacher I'd ever had, and really got us to take thoughts as far as they could go. He impacted my life quite considerably. My ethics professor did in college as well. I definitely support teaching as being a place to be deeply subversive and socratic, asking questions of your students and valuing a well argued point more than a right answer. I love those subjects too because there is no right answer. The strength of the argument is all that matters.


    Man I miss school. I just hated homework.

  4. How cool! I looked up your band, and it doesn't sound like anything I usually listen (in a really good way!) Maybe one day you'll come to Quebec and I'll see you playing live :p


    I think if I could, I would always stay in school. I've always loved learning and last year I finished a second cycle diploma in college teaching. I had the chance to teach a class this fall for my practicum and prepared 15 hours on the concept of imperialism in the western civilization. The best part was when I showed them a documentary about human zoos, something most (all) of them didn't even know existed.


    I think I really found my place and it's a good way to share my passion for history and make the young adults (even if we are almost the same age) think!

  5. Woops, we project to be out in the new year (2018)****

  6. I moved from Florida to Tennessee and play in a band now! We're called Adjy. Currently working on recording our first big-kid full-length record, which we project to be out in May. It's an overwhelming process, but I've never had so much meaning and direction in my whole life.

    I never finished school, though now that I'm 25 I wonder if I should. It just never really plan on working a desk job of any sort so I can't justify the cost. But if I did go back, I'd want to finish in music composition or American History as well!


    I too have become an acolyte of the church of coffee... Never thought I would, but a banana, a black coffee, and a liter of water makes me feel *so damn good*.

  7. Oh hi! :O


    I come here maybe once a year, but never actually look at anything except for threads about gigs in my city (when there's one). I don't know why I came today, but I'm happy to have news from you!


    I'm doing good, working on my master's degree in American history, and drinking a lot of coffee.

    What about you?

  8. What the hell... Coming back here after so long is like a time warp.


    How are you? Do you still haunt around here?

  9. Hey I've been missing you buddy! How you been!? :D

  10. Wine has been a good friend for me this year, sometimes it helps to find motivation.

  11. First year studying history in university, drinking beer (right now is a good example), I try to stay zen and find a way to enjoy life.


    What about you?

  12. Whatchu dern these days?

  13. Tired also and happy.


    It did (kind of) get better with time.

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