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The Gallery


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I think The Gallery is only a taste of what Matt is capable of, and the more I listen to it, the more I get excited about their new album, moreso, his last three tracks.

In my personal experience, this song is the only piece of music that can completely transport me to another place. It is just my personal opinion, but I can see myself in a gallery all by myself, usually at night.

And for such a simple song compared to the piano scores he did for Butterflies & Hurricanes.


In short, I love it :D

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OK, first post on this board and apologies if it is in the worng place, Mods please move if necessary. Just want a quick answer to a question and couldn't find a generic 'Questions' thread, so this seemed the most appropriate place to ask. I promise not to clutter your board again once I have my answer :)


Just bought Hullaballoo (I know, I know, what took me so long...!) on on The Gallery track there is what sounds like static noise. Now then, I can't decide if this is a flaw in the CD recording or if it is intentional...can anyone help? Is this an effect (I can't believe it is, it sounds awful)...or is my CD, well, fooked?



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Thanks for clearing that up for me :)


I just found the 'static' really distracting, because underneath it is a beautiful piece of music. Whilst I know this effect is sometimes used, I just couldn't make my mind up one way or another and couldn't think who else to ask!


With this in mind, I'll go have another listen, who knows, maybe I'll learn to love the effect!

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