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2017.08.26 - Leeds Festival, Bramham Park


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(I have been informed that the 26th is just a placeholder but let's cross our fingers eh


Definitely want to do either Reading or Leeds....... Do they sell day tickets, if so when? Prices extortionate for camping and I only want to see Muse!! Cheers!!


Around £60 for a day ticket apparently, should be on sale at some point over the next month or two but they don't sell out until the week so you can buy whenever really.

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Just realised this'll be the first time I've seen Muse at a venue/festival that I've seen them at before (not counting consecutive gigs like London) after what'll be 7 years of seeing them :stunned:


Oooft, that's gonna be one hell of a nostalgia bomb.

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I'll be doing the same Jobby! Up your end of the country if you want to lift share?


omg how sweet <3


I think I'm already going with a friend and her dad but thanks for the offer :happy:


Have a nice time, I got me a feelin it'll be a good 'un.

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