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    2009-11-16 Lanxess Arena
    2012-09-20 E-Werk
    2013-07-12 Loreley
    2015-05-30 Rock im Revier
    2015-06-05 Rock in Vienna
    2015-06-12 Pinkpop
    2015-09-13 Lollapalooza
    2016-03-06 Cologne
    2016-03-31 Munich
    2016-04-03 London
    2016-05-15 Milano
    2016-06-11 Stockholm
    2016-08-20 Rock am See
    2017-08-19 SBE <3
    2017-09-15 San Francisco
    2018-02-24 Paris
  1. Not entirely true, the Lanxess Arena gig was sold out (2 weeks before the gig, but still), the combined attendance of the 4 German 2016 gigs was ~60,000, and Cologne Stadium has a capacity of ~40,000 for concerts (depending on stage layout and opened blocks) Not like any of this means the show will sell out, I wouldn't even expect standing to sell out with those prices
  2. Just don't make the same mistake as me and book a collector's ticket outside GB as those are only delivered to the UK and Northern Irland and no way to change your selection after selecting the ticket type... £5 extra for a collector's ticket is pretty standard on ticket master. Those aren't just a paper ticket with the tour design, but a solid plastic card (although you might argue which of those is prettier)
  3. Is "pitch / unreserved seating" regular standing? And the map displays "front standing", but no seperate ticket category for that? I'm confused
  4. Tickets are 90€ in most places (Italy, France, Budapest all in the same price range) for standing, just a few are cheaper (Netherlands, Riga, Moscow from what I checked). Actually might end up with the premium bundle, being "only" 110€ more expensive... But yeah, won't nearly sell out with those prices.
  5. Original Drones Tour announcement only had UK, Portugal, Spain, Italy, and Czech Republic and the same "stay tuned for more cities" statement. The announcement was during the 2015 festival tour but IIRC at the time of the announcement, Germany was the only (European) country with a pending drones festival show - So there didn't seem to be an apparent pattern to which countries were included and which weren't.
  6. Just to be precise with set length comparisons, the Reeperbahnfestival Set was 75 minutes
  7. Arrived as #15, first people arrived yesterday at 9 am for anyone wondering
  8. My guess would be that some of those songs not included will be part of the live voting (CE, Butterflies), some are already selected by the band (KoC), so they final set would be something like 5 ticket voters, 5 live votes, 5 selected by the band (or any other ratio)
  9. The following songs have been left out as compared to last time Aftermath Agitated Animals Apocalypse Please Blackout Butterflies and Hurricanes Citizen Erased Darkshines Defector Do We Need This Endlessly Exo-Politics Exogenesis Falling Away With You Falling Down Follow Me Forced In Fury Futurism Guiding Light Knights Of Cydonia Liquid State Megalomania Mercy Revolt Ruled By Secrecy Save Me Screenager Sign O' The Times Soldier's Poem Some New Kind of Kick Stockholm Syndrome Survival Take a Bow The 2nd Law: Isolated System The 2nd Law: Unsustainable The Globalist The Small Print United States Of Eurasia Unnatural Selection Yes Please
  10. Scrapping Dead Inside for something else later?
  11. Versuchs hiermit https://www.unblock-us.com/ (Wegwerf-)email eingeben, paar Einstellungen ändern, fertig
  12. Multiple people confirmed Showbiz, have not read anything about any other rarities
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