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  1. Tickets bought!! Please Muse, let it be a good one!!
  2. That's exactly the answer I wanted to hear!!! That'll be both for me then!!!! :D
  3. Definitely want to do either Reading or Leeds....... Do they sell day tickets, if so when? Prices extortionate for camping and I only want to see Muse!! Cheers!!
  4. Great gig last night, really enjoyed.......got to say though, security at the arena was shocking! We got straight in with absolutely no checks. At Birmingham you were bag checked and had a full body "pat down". I fear it is a disaster waiting to happen.
  5. Went to Brum last week, got there at 5pm and still got centre circle barrier, it was sunny and pretty warm too. Not worth getting there at silly o'clock imo!!
  6. I only saw a ladies one, although I'm sure there was a men's one too...... The ladies one was a new one but only had Muse written across it and nothing on the back, so I'm guessing if there was a mans it was similar!
  7. Most are £25, then long sleeved around £40. Not a great choice this tour unfortunately!
  8. Done! Short version though.......
  9. Unfortunately not! Going with hubby to Saturday's gig and he prefers seats. I'm just grateful I got where I did in Birmingham........ I guess it'll be nice seeing it from another perspective though :happy:

    Hope you have a fab time, I see you're going to both Manchester gigs.......hope you get barrier Saturday. Couldn't believe we did last Saturday considering we only queued from 5pm, I think people who went really early were wasting their time!!

    Hope it smells better this time!!! :LOL::LOL::LOL::eek:

  10. I was with an old friend and he said someone must have crapped their pants with excitement! I just kept thinking "if I can smell this, Matt and Chris can definitely smell it".


    Are you standing on Saturday?

  11. Yes!!! I was with my son and we both said it smelt like someone had followed through!!!!!!!!!!

  12. No! Short, bobbed hair, glasses. We weren't quite centre, a bit off to the right (in the circle). There was a lady, about 1 from the barrier more to the left of us...... I remember thinking lovely hair!! Quite long?? We were on the right side of the stage as you came in through the doors (the side with the stairs).
  13. I kinda snuck in to that spot. Chris started off directly in front of us during Psycho, followed by Matt.


    Someone kept letting off the most disgusting farts too.

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