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  1. So, anyone else experience the entire film slightly slow and down a semitone?! Honestly it ruined my night after travelling 2hrs to get there. From the first note, everything just sounded off. Online clips were not pitched down. I think there was a playback issue at more than one cinema by the sounds of it.
  2. Properly devastated the north of england seems to be getting the shaft. In Newcastle, looking like I have to go to York or Leeds to see it, and with a 6 mo kid at home, it's going to be a hard sell to my missus. Never have kids!
  3. Got an email, but not as hot on going to the same tour again with no reason. Looks like all standing tickets are gone for now in Birmingham. Will be hitting up twickets after seeing the London setlists
  4. Man, it was ear crushingly loud at the back! And when tom morello came out it was borderline ear rape. I think being higher than the standing crowd probably helped a lot in that respect.
  5. Erm, they introduced chris and then he played the bass. They introduced morgan and then he played the keys? It made total sense to me but I was at the back, unreserved seating. That's unfortunate because again, back of the stadium, unreserved level 1, directly facing the stage the sound was really really good. There was some trouser-flapping bass moments but they didn't cloud the sound at all for us. The only moment where it became really uncomfortable was dig down, it diddn't cloud the other instruments for me, but the bass was seriously fat. Balance wise, I felt everything was perfect apart from Tom Morello guest spot. Just a little bit obnoxiously loud for my tastes, you can hear it on the instagram clip as well. agree. Dig Down , Madness, Mercy, is a particular low point in the set for me personally. Mercy looked amazing from the back, but eh. Will have to disagree, the graphic presentation, camera work and real time effects were WAY WAY above any muse show yet IMO. I do agree it was about 6 out of 10 though. Was also lucky enough for the past two gigs to be SBE and RAH.... It's really hard for a stadium to come close to SBE haha.
  6. Typical pissin' manchester! Best take a rain coat... now i'm definitely going to stay seated until the encore, scanning the crowd for the best mosh pits for the metal medley \m/
  7. I wish I were, but I have to move house first. And I have a lot of work on at the same time. That, coupled with the setlist means I'm not as hyped as I normally am. I've been super spoilt from the entire drones run, SBE, and RAH that I just haven't had the same feeling I normally get. I really hope i'll be back in the game once i'm in the mosh pit and hear some riffs. That's normally how it goes
  8. I don't think they'll go on later. They might show it up until the band comes on, but probably not on the stage screens. Last year, or whenever it was, I saw Chic. It was the same day England got knocked out of the world cup. They hired a big screen (gig was outside) and they showed the game up to before the penalties at the back of the field, and the support just didn't bother playing (Was only a DJ though). Those who cared, watched it on their phones while Chic came on stage. Some with loud blaring crappy phone sound, which was very annoying. I'm sorta torn about the whole thing, luckily i'm going to manchester anway. I think showing it in the lobby is a good idea, but it depends if they'll pay for the broadcasting rights. And I think I know which option the venue would pick!!
  9. yes seetickets is legit, and way better than ticketbastard anyway. nothing to worry about.
  10. Man, i guess RIP rotations. I'm in two minds as to how to handle the manchester stadium date. I'm normally 100% in the mosh pit, but the set looks like such a spectacle, at the downside of actual musicians performing and the miming trombones, and the lack of old tunes, and the shortened metal medley (which I got to experience in full mosh pit madness at RAH) that I might sit down and actually watch the show from a chair on level 1 instead. Or maybe i'll sit in my chair for most of the show, then come running back to the biggest mosh pit I can see for the metal medley and KoC....
  11. I'm so fucked from the metal medley still. Great gig. Probably top 3-5ish? SBE -> Club Tour -> Download -> RAH? I really thought metal medley would suck but when you're there it's totally different. It really depends on how the balance is for stadium gigs. I thought even outside of the metal medley there were enough heavy moments to enjoy. Nice mosh pit all night as well. Was very surprised at Break It To Me. Real stand-out sound-wise in the new songs. I'm a bit torn on the signs about paying for the front. I agree paying for barrier is fucking bullshit, but this was a charity gig, and to be honest if I were playing a show for charity, and looked out to see those signs it would definitely put a damper on my night. However, perhaps they chose that show because it's one of the only UK ones where they can actually be seen? Not sure there's another opportunity to be so close to the stage before Stadium time. Unfortunately you have to vote with your wallet on these things, and as long as they can sell them, they'll probably stay. Hopefully it doesn't turn ugly one day at the barrier between hardcores and VIPs.
  12. SeeTickets and Gigs and Tours are the same thing basically, if you've gone through Twickets I wouldn't worry too much.
  13. What's your problem? I listed it directly at 9am. It then went into 'moderation' and was made live by them at 9:56am. I had no idea moderation was a thing and therefore someone else sat there from 9am pressing refresh the whole time and got the ticket. Commitment to the cause, and well done to them.
  14. I HAVE A SPARE TICKET. Arena Standing I can't think of a fairer way to sell it than letting you know that I will list it on Twickets at exactly 9.00am tomorrow (Saturday 24th Nov, 9am UK time) Best of luck.
  15. Unnatural Selection, with the 5.1 intro, matt plays organ with guitar on, then swings guitar round, and runs back to the stage all the way while playing the extended intro.... then riffage. sick.
  16. personally I think it's gonna be more War Child levels of rarities. Regular set with perhaps showbiz and another b-side that's still fresh(ish) to them. I'd love megalomania but at the same time it just seems unlikely to do the exact same thing again in the exact same venue again, it would definitely lose it's shine.
  17. jesus christ man. was that to get barrier? I find i can go to a muse show basically any time, and still get a few rows from the front, and in the best mosh pits. at least that's how it's been for me at SBE, club shows etc
  18. Really? That's just how london is. Always has been, always will be. Looking at that photo up there... the place looks almost too fucking big!
  19. need to follow the link directly from email to muse.mu to ticketbastard
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