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I'm thinking TSP after Stockholm.


lol jk


9. Animals


Honestly she should just save it for a new song/Reapers/rarity.


To be fair, it's nice enough of her to stream it at all. Also, she got bits of The Groove and Apocalypse Please.

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Extr4 ch33ky recap, lads:


1. Psycho

2. Dead Inside

3. Supermassive Black Hole

4. The Groove

5. Madness

6. Apocalypse Please

7. Interlude + Hysteria

8. Stockholm Syndrome + Township Rebellion or War Within A Breath? (I don't know which)

9. Animals

10. New Born + Ashamed outro

11. Uprising

12. Time Is Running Out


Audio stream here: http://mixlr.com/muse-station/

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