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  1. Big Freeze > Revolt Fight me, new fanboys.
  2. Yeah, I'm not sure I'd call the only really good songs on those albums hidden gems. From this period I'd say Sign o' the Times is a hidden gem.
  3. I do think this one will get played a fair amount, just like Guiding Light and Invincible were. Muse like having one of these kinds of songs in the middle of the setlist. This is the worst of them though...
  4. Because we all have significant others/friends/relatives that we are constantly bothering with our Muse obsession, here's my girlfriend's review of Drones. Dead Inside: She likes the emotion in the last third of the song. Likes the dumb lyrics too. Psycho: Catchy but too repetitive. Thinks the drill sergeant should have just been used for the video. Mercy: It's nice. Chorus vocal effects are too much, but liked it. Reapers: She didn't remember right away which one this was. The Handler: It's kind of "eh." She doesn't like how quiet the vocals are, that's probably why. Defector: That one's good. Revolt: Not horrible until that chorus or prechorus or whatever. Sounds like a musical. Aftermath: Skip. Probably the worst one. The Globalist: Three different songs, not sure how to judge. Generally a bad idea. Drones: No wait, this is the worst one. "That's not even a song." I don't think not being an obsessive Muse fan helped lol. Dead Inside was probably her favorite, but also thinks the album goes off the rails toward the end.
  5. Came in thinking it's between Space Dementia and Butterflies and Hurricanes. Now I am disappointed and don't even know what to do anymore.
  6. If you loved Uprising but can't get into any of their recent lyrics, it's possible you might have just changed somewhat as a person from when you first got into that song. Matt can write some great lyrics, but most of us wouldn't point to that one as an example of it. Mostly he's great at conveying emotion in some relatively basic statements. He sings the hell out things like "When will this loneliness be over," "I want you now," "Why can't we start it over again?" and so on, all of which are hugely common human thoughts and emotions, which is why so many of us love those songs. Very rarely he'll take it one step further and actually throw in some clever turn of phrase in there and we'll latch on to it to defend his lesser moments (looking at that one Hoodoo line everyone throws out when this argument comes up), but for the most part its very raw emotional lines that work best for him. And no, that doesn't make him Julian Casablancas, but there is still something to be said for that ability. But if you've never cared for that aspect of his lyrics, then I'm not sure how you can be too disappointed with where they are now. Mercy really isn't significantly worse than Uprising in that sense. Hell, Animals is way better as far as that theme goes, in my opinion! But yes, overall the lyrics have gotten much worse and very quickly. I don't think it's because he just can't do better though. He just seems less interested or inspired to write those kinds of things we loved from the earlier albums. If anything it's a bit more bleak for those of us who loves those earlier, "whiny" songs. If you love the political anthems, I'd stick around for the next album. One would think they can only go back up in overall quality after Drones.
  7. It's not really that it's bad, but that you can imagine how much better it would have been with a bit of variation, or some vocals, or you know, something over the second half.
  8. Defector has the coolest one imo. I love the whole aesthetic, plus JFK works really well with the actual speech on screen. Matt looks really noticeably short in it though lol
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