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  1. Ordered on Muse EU store on Dec 3 (the US store has sold out copies since late November), today they gave me my tracking number (fu**ing DHL, don't know how much gonna pay for more taxes... :(... ), in theory, it'll arrive on Dec 10. Already heard the new (xD) 2 songs and for the most part are in the OK side (considering is in their early years). Waiting for the day the boxset arrives to my home will be painful... xD...
  2. So... It seems the official store has started shipping the boxset (it cost me a kidney and half lung... xD)... Anyone knows which courier they'll use for international shipping?... Edit: I see that my accounts were merged... xD... nevermind... xD
  3. Mine (Super Deluxe) was canceled (pre-ordered on August 30th). The reason was they don't send to freight forwarder address... Which sucks so much because the international shipping in my country is awful (lost packages rate of 80%) I'm waiting for the refund and try to buy again and get the int. Shipping roulette... :/ BTW, The Void Acoustic for ender... It has to be a must in the next tour (finally replacing Harmonica KoC)...
  4. So... First 10/20 loops. Sincerely a good start for the new album. AWWW YEAH... Algorithm The Dark Side Pressure Blockades The Void Awesome / Great: Propaganda Break It To Me Algorithm (AR) Good / Decent: Thought Contagion The Dark Side (AR) Propaganda (Acoustic) Dig Down (Gospel) Meh Something Human (Acoustic) F Tier... Something Human Get Up And Fight Dig Down 8/10 at the moment. GUaF is an instant pass just hearing the first bits... Eww. Dig Down had almost two years to convince me and nope... The gospel version fared a lot better. And Something Human never catch me either versions... But I'll give points to the acoustic because is a little bit better. BTW, anyone who pre-ordered the Super Deluxe version in the US store was put on backorder (apart from me)?... Hating so much Warner US and their sloppy store... :/
  5. Mmmm... Any chance of an acoustic setlist for the KCQR gig?... XD...
  6. So envy of you guys that have the chance to going to all of those special gigs... For someone who hasn't the resources, the only request I had, is that one (or many) of this songs gets the definite list. Escape Recess TSP Darkshines Exo-Politics Muscle Museum SHOWBIZ HTAILY
  7. I'll die gladly, the day when Muse plays a by request setlist in this side of the planet (South America), UK/Europe always gets the infamous shows... So many rarities to play: My 10+ songs I'll like to hear someday in a distant future live... Muscle Museum SHOWBIZ Escape Hate This and I'll Love You Darkshines Futurism Dead Star Hyper Chondriac Music Sing for Absolution The Small Print Exo-Politics Crying Shame Unnatural Selection MK Ultra Anything beyond the fourth album it's likely achievable in a regular setlist (even when I put US and MKU on the list)... Since for me, it's an impossible gig to go, I'll pray for a decent recorded bootleg of that gig (audio or video)...
  8. That Starlight walk... not even a chance of he doing that in a South America gig... xD
  9. BTW, for those in Europe, will be R+L livestreamed this year? Hoping they deliver a brilliant setlist from that venues (and downloading later on MuseBootlegs)... xD Edit: tried spamming Dead Inside but the worst song won...
  10. And.... another guitar killed by Matt... xD... which was today?... Edit: The Last Song Vote: Dead Inside (easy choise) / Undisclosed Desires Edit2: **** At least 2/3...
  11. BTW... why the crowd is so dead on f*** Stockholm Syndrome?... why?
  12. At least they choose Bliss... dat Theremin opener... The next vote is for The Handler/Stockholm Syndrome
  13. Seems interesting... Very very interesting this reissue, and if we get a Showbiz Festival special (dreaming too much) I'll be glad... XD...
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