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New North American Tour Dates


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Wait what. It was supposed to be $20. :stunned: dammit I parked behind the lot and hopped the fence. :noey:


Also hoping for west coast dates. :) cage supporting would be amazing!


Yeah, I think they started taking money at 5pm, but it seems like everyone that got in before that was free. Or maybe they all got towed and I was spared. :LOL:


Yes. More west coast dates plz!

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If I'm getting GA tickets do I still need to get into the presale early? I'd be able to get them Thursday, just not until about 3:30, unless I check into school. Also, what's the limit on the number of tickets one person can buy? Cause I need 6 or 7.


I haven't logged in to see what the pre-sale max is, but some shows last time were 4, I think.


Do you mean General Admission, or Georgia. ;)


The pre-sales only have a small percentage of the available tickets. So, a little bit of GA, a sliver of seats in different sections, etc.

If the show sells fast, the pre-sale will sell out, and that's how people sometimes get better tickets at the public sale.


For example, if you are at the tail end of the pre-sale, you could end up in section X, but then the public sale will have GA or row A a day later.


It's impossible to say, really. Some US pre-sales and public sales went so fast it was hard to get tickets, while some shows didn't sell out of GA during the pre-sale, and took like 4 months to sell out GA after public sales.

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