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    Supporting U2. Atlanta 2009
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  1. hoping for a US tour announcement soon. And hopefully an Atlanta date on the first leg
  2. 1. The Globalist 2. Reapers 3. The Handler 4. Revolt 5. Defector 6. Mercy 7. Aftermath 8. Psycho 9. Dead Inside 10. Drones pretty solid album. Miles ahead of TR and T2L. Not sure if it beats any of the first four though
  3. I can't wait First full show after seeing them open for U2 and the Big Dance
  4. yea its probably just the acts I've seen. U2 in 2009 was pretty standard. Both times I saw Coldplay the last few years have been standard *but thats Coldplay* but U2 in Nashville got The Wanderer
  5. I hope you're wrong too. I always have high expecations I need to get out of the South. We never get the best gigs for any acts something from OoS would be amazing
  6. yea I'm not expecting it. I just hope they pull some surprises since they kinda already played Atlanta.
  7. Does anyone think this show might be treated as a Night 2. One night after North Carolina Muse might want to change it up a bit. I'm just asking because I want to know our chances for Dead Star
  8. Cage the Elephant will be epic in September but my dream would be The Gaslight Anthem. I would have love to seen Passion Pit open its funny cause Muse was actually my favorite opener I've ever seen back in 2009. It was also when I first discovered them
  9. yea it'd be better with an orchestra. but still probably be best taken out. I'm thinking about how epic Follow Me would be will a some violins
  10. that set is amazing......except for Explorers but I could never imagine how epic a full orchestral set would be
  11. 1. Yes Please 2. Bliss 3. Dead Star 4. Supermassive 5. Butterflies and Hurricanes 6. Knights 7. Panic Station 8. Citizen Erased 9. Unnatural Selection 10. Liquid State 11. Space Demetia 12. Micro Cuts 13. New Born 14. Fury 15. Hoodoo 16. Sunburn 17. Muscle Museum 18. Blackout 19. Apocolypse Please 20. Follow Me 21. In Your World 22. Stockholm 23. Map couldn't find a place to put Take a Bow back in so it didn't get the cut but I fixed the problems you addressed
  12. oh ok. I'll try to make a second one
  13. I wasn't aware. I looked at the past few examples and just assumed it was whatever.
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