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Matts favourite word to use in songs?


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Soul, by a fucking landslide:


'Give me your heart and your soul'

'Your soul will be ok'

'I feel my soul crumbling'

'How much pain has cracked your soul' (tbf that's a self-allegorical / parodying one)

'Our souls won't be exhumed'

'Your soul can't hate anything'

'Aping my soul'

'Future soul forgive this mess'

'Your soul's unbreakable'

'Destroying puppet strings to our souls'

'Souls weeping above'


Any others?

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what songs are these from?


'Your soul will be ok' - Soaked

'I feel my soul crumbling' - FAWY

'Aping my soul' - ExoGenesis Part 1: Overture.

'Future soul forgive this mess' - Fury

'Souls weeping above' - Micro Cuts

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this is a really good song! They (MUSE) should release it as single (if they already have :facepalm:)


Adam Lambert? The American Idol guy/girl? :wtf:


:LOL: yup, that's him, you can hear his version on youtube...but Muse's is better by far (of course, no one can compare to MEEOOOOZE :rolleyes:)

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Well, if you check out the Muse Wordles thread, gigapoodle made a Wordle of every Muse lyric ever (a wordle tells you (through visual representation) which words appear more often in a block of text than others).


According to that, the top 10 most-used words are: Away, Never, Want, Know, Feel, Love, Make, One, Time and World


... Now that I think about it, this list probably makes sense :p





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